Do I have to go to Las Vegas or can I stop in Phoenix?
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I have a round trip flight later this year on US Airways that has a layover in Phoenix and then continues to Las Vegas. It turns out that it would work out better for me to just leave the Phoenix airport instead of going on. My return flight would be unchanged ( leaving from Las Vegas ). If I do this ( intentionally miss the second hop of my flight ) will I have problems later? I'm concerned about the possibility that the airline might cancel my return flight or something else along those lines. If you have done this kind of thing (especially on US Airways) please let me know how things went. Thank you.
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Yes, they will generally cancel your return flight if you miss any leg of your outgoing flight.
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Obviously you won't be able to check baggage. And it's likely that they will cancel your return flight. I wouldn't do it.
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They will almost certainly cancel your return trip (assuming it's on the same itinerary), even if you ask them/tell them what you're doing. Not worth it.
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Thirding that they won't like it if you just do it. But it wouldn't hurt to ask the gate agent if they have a way to make it work for you. You never know.
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If you miss any part of your itinerary, the airline will cancel the rest of your trip.
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DON'T do this - unless you'd like to get stuck in Vegas/Phoenix and forced to buy a full-fare ticket home. Almost every* airline will cancel the remainder of your trip if you no-show for any leg. Fares are sold as the whole trip, and you not showing up for any part of it voids any obligation they've got to carry you.

You might be able to modify the fare to be an open jaw (Home -> Phoenix, Vegas -> Home as a single fare) but you'll probably be charged a change fee.

* Southwest is the only exception I can think of.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the quick and good answers. I'll just go on to Las Vegas - not a major inconvenience.
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This idea is called hidden-city ticketing, don't do it.
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