Idea/Highlight Crowdsourcing Platform for a Conference
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I'd like some advice about creating a live website exercise for the audience at an industry conference. The exercise is about getting the audience to crowdsource highlights from the conference panels/speakers (this has the support of the conference organizers).

The highlights will be a take-away summary for everyone. It will also be used for my research purposes.

All panels will be in the same big room, so there is no worry about multiple sessions happening at the same time. Lots of people in the audience will be tapping away on their laptops/mobile phones anyway. I'd like to collect highlights on a panel by panel basis, and to make it easy, low-effort and straightforward structurally for everyone to participate (so this is why, for instance, I am not choosing a wiki as a platform). Say there are about 200-300 people in the audience (naturally, most of them will choose not to participate).

I'm asking people to keep their highlight submissions short (say, Twitter length-ish). I would like there to be a quick poll question attached to each submission (basically a measure of how much important people think the highlight is, and how certain it is. This poll would be done by both the poster and others)

What would be a good platform for organizing this? I originally thought of Posterous but unfortunately it looks like Twitter will be abandoning that platform pretty soon.
Ideally, people should have the option of emailing in their highlights (with the posts coming up on the website almost instantly), and also of tweeting highlights. So maybe some kind of big group blog?

Free or very cheap sites are preferable

Thanks very much for any suggestions!
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Why not have a hashtag on Twitter and show the results of that hashtag live?
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Why not have a hashtag on Twitter and show the results of that hashtag live?
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Thanks for the thought - I'd rather not do that as I'd like the highlights collected neatly somewhere (not as a feed), plus using Twitter exclusively favors the audience members who already are signed up to Twitter. If its a stand-alone website, everyone starts on the same footing, and having an email-it-in option makes it universally easy.
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How about Poll Everywhere - you can integrate it live into powerpoint, apparently.
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Basecamp. Free trial lasts 45 days, after that, you can export your data.
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How about a Google Docs document that you've published? Your document ends up with an URL and anyone can edit it in real time. Polling could be done in text form (a bunch of check marks) or via the Google Docs Form app.

There are also web based editors such as Collab Edit, Type With Me and

You can combine any document tools with third party software for conducting surveys/polls by referencing the submissions in your poll.
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