How to find crew for a 48 Hour Film Contest
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48 Hour Film Contest - Toronto... Best way to fill a couple crew roles, especially sound person?

I'm on a team for a November 48 Hour Film contest in Toronto, and need to find a sound person and a couple other crew too. We should have strong acting, writing and directing, so we'll want people with some experience... but it's going to be a pretty quick and dirty approach (obviously), so we're certainly not expecting 10-year industry pros or anything.
Anyone know the best online place to try to find crew for a non-paid gig like this? I'm fairly new to Toronto and have dug up a few different online resources, but I'm wondering if there's one go-to site I should be using?
thanks a lot
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Craigslist crew, Mandy jobs, Facebook Production Resources.

There are a bunch of film production programs in or near to downtown Toronto: Sheridan, Ryerson, Toronto Film School, Humber, TREBAS, etc. You could drop by any of those schools and figure out where the production students tend to hang out, and put an ad on the bulletin board.

Or send an email advertising what you need to the program director, who will often be kind enough to forward your call for submissions or post it on a prominent bulletin board to save you the drive. Senior production students can be an amazing resource- they might be under-experienced for complex stuff, but should be competent for simple stuff- and often they can borrow the school's gear.
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Mandy for sure. Be prepared to pay your sound person if she or he provides their own equipment.
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Thanks folks!
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