Madrid and Paris events late October 2012
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I'm visiting Madrid from 25 October till 1 November and Paris from 1 till 5 November. Any suggestions for evening entertainment such as raves or halloween parties?

I'd welcome suggestions for interesting clubs or trance-ish DJ sets too, partially just looking for excuses to go out illuminated with local burner friends.
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Halloween isn't celebrated in France, except by Anglophiles, so parties will be hard to find. 1 November is Toussaint (people lay flowers on loved ones' graves) and a holiday largely due to Roman Catholic tradition, attendance at Mass being required and such; things will be really slow over that long weekend. Sorry I can't answer the rest of your question, though I do know there are some good clubs in Paris, just not specifics, sorry!
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Halloween is bigger here than it used to be (at least in Paris), even among the French. I saw this post earlier today and came back tonight because I noticed that even my gym is having a holiday party. Instead of a "Body Attack" fitness course, it is "Zombie Attack" followed by an apéro sanglant (bloody cocktail).

But your schedule suggests you will more likely have to look for Halloween activity in Spain, because everything I have seen here is for the weekend before Halloween. Since 1 November is a bank holiday for everyone, a lot of people are traveling over the following weekend.

I do not go to clubs or parties, but from couchsurfing I make a quick summary of some of the names that keep coming up on this topic; maybe at least having the names will set you on the right path to a good event. Keep in mind that CS is a lot of twenty-somethings, many French or raised-in-France people but also internationals who have established themselves here:
- Anything near the Champs Elysees was recommended to be avoided as too touristic and over-priced
- Queens - crowded, some said it was also touristy
- SixSeven - various comments that it is good, but kind of pricy
- Duplex - the music varies, but when it is good it is good. Attendees are young.
- Recommendations away from Champs Elysees included Bus Palladium (Friday) Le Pompom (Thursday) Le Baron (more select crowd) and Social Club (electronic).
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Best answer: Fabrik Oct 28.
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Response by poster: Ahh looks handy, thanks empath. Any recommendations for similar sites?
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