Get me far on $25 in Portland
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Portland foodies! I'd like to send friends a thank-you in the form of a small ($25 or so) gift certificate to one of the fine food establishments in your fair city. Please help me out with suggestions. Due to the price limit I'd be interested in places where they could get a delightful snack, dessert, or drink rather than a full-on meal.

I just had foot surgery and my friends sent me a big external hard drive with a bunch of great recuperative television shows (I have neither cable nor TV). I'm thinking of making the gift for something like artisanal pickles, amazing pastries, astounding ice cream, extraordinary charcuterie, things like that. Places where $25 could actually put a dent in something, as opposed to a restaurant meal, where it wouldn't go very far. I welcome your suggestions!
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$27 will get you a dozen exceptional macarons at Pix Patisserie. (Sounds like you could get some tasty tapes at its Bar Vivant for about that price too.)
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Papa Haydn has fantastic desserts and is pretty fancy for Portland.
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Salt and Straw, the best ice cream shop anywhere, sells gift certificates.
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My go-to is cheese. Check out the Cheese Bar or Foster & Dobbs.
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I'm don't live in Portland (thus, may fail at the "Portland Foodies" part of your question), but The Observatory has my favorite dessert ever. To wit:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Parfait- chocolate cookie crust layered with peanuts topped with pretzel ice cream and chocolate ganache

It is even more amazing ingested than read.

Also, they have tasty cocktails.
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If they love to cook a gift certificate from The Meadow would surely be welcomed. We've given salt selections numerous times with great success.
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If they are into meats Olympic Provisions will have them drooling. They do gift cards and they even have a Salami Of The Month Club!
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I second the Salt and Straw on Alberta. Even in a city of such fine food as Portland, the Salt and Straw is truly exceptional.
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Seconding Pix!! Better in the non-summer months than Salt and Straw.
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I second Olympic Provisions. $25 will buy a few cured sausages that can last months in the fridge being nibbled on and being used chopped up to flavor rice dishes and such. They also have a small plates menu, so the same amount could be used for a fancy drink and snack.

Now I wish I had a trip to Portland scheduled soon....
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I second the Meadow; between the fancy chocolates and fancy salts, they're sure to feel like they're really "treating" themselves.
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Love Salt & Straw or Pix, for sweet things. We've literally just tipped over into the chilly/rainy season so Pix might be more cozy, but I did have a last hurrah at S&S on Friday, as a farewell to the sun.

Anyway, The Whole Bowl (two cart locations and one physical) does gift certificates and $25 would go a long way there. But you might have to get someone to pick it up in person.
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Which Portland?
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Nthing Pix. The most delightful deserts in the world, and I've seen a bit of the world.
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Has the service improved at the new Pix? I long ago stopped recommending the former location on Williams due to service (and cleanliness) issues. Great desserts and sweets, of course, but their service turned off nearly everyone in our neighborhood (and I'm just a few blocks away). Can anyone attest to the service at their new address?
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