Remote control for iTunes Match on iPhone?
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I have an iPhone and an iPad. I want to dock the iPhone on the stereo and use the iPad as a remote to control what music plays.

I was using the app SoundRemote for this and it was fine, apart from I can't fit much music on my phone. So I signed up to iTunes Match. Now SoundRemote can't 'see' any of the Match music on the phone unless it's actually playing- so I can pause a song or skip to the next track but not choose an album etc. Is there an app that will allow me to control the iTunes Match music on my phone? There's a few remote apps out there but I don't want to have to buy them without knowing if what I want is actually impossible! By the way I don't have Apple TV and don't intend to get it. Thanks!
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I don't know about apps, but if you can jailbreak your model of iPhone, you could run a VNC server on the iPhone.

Once you have the server set up, you can then run a VNC client (reviews of various apps) on the iPad.

The VNC client program will allow you to see and interact with the iPhone screen from the iPad, thereby allowing you to control the iPhone from your iPad, as if you have the iPhone right in front of you. You can then run any music app you like, however you like.
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Thanks but I can't jailbreak the phone - it's supplied by work
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I racked my brains to think of a way to do this using an iOS app but I can't come up with a way.

I know you say you don't want an Apple TV, and that's fine. The cheapest thing I could think of is for you to download Air Server for your Mac or PC. It costs $15 but there's a free 7 day trial to see if it fits your purposes. AirServer allows you to use the AirPlay feature of your iOS device and would allow you to control music directly from your iPhone and/or iPad.

Obviously your speakers would need to be connected to your Mac or PC, and you don't say if this is possible with your stereo, but if it is, there's an option for you.
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I still haven't found the solution to this exactly, but for anyone else also looking for the answer- I have found an app that will do this for Spotify. It's called SpotQueue and you install SpotQueue Remote on your controlling iOS device and SpotQueue on the playing device. Seems to work pretty well so far.
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