House Swap?
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Vacation home swap for Hawaii?

I would like to take a family vacation to Hawaii, preferably Maui or Kaui over Christmas.

We live in a comfortable home in a great neighborhood on the western side of Los Angeles, about 2 miles from the beach.

In the past when I have looked into house swapping it seemed that many sites are for members only.

I am looking for guidance on how to see if there is a possible swap out there for us.


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When I did my swap, San Francisco for Paris, I posted on craigslist (house swap section) in SF and in Paris. We exchanged lots of pictures and gave info about our area. I had a co-worker who was going to be Paris so I had him confirm the building and address. The couple coming to SF had a daughter living locally. It all worked out beautifully. is probably the most well-known house swap site and it's pretty cheap and adds a level of security if that would make you more comfortable.

If you know someone or know someone who knows someone in Hawaii, put the word out. Social media is good for this type of thing.
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I'd try posting in craigslist for your target area. For the cost of some time, skimming the VRBO listings be useful as well - I googled 'swap vrbo' and one came up immediately for the AL gulf shore, so I'd guess it's not unheard of.
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