The Making of the Mask
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What material can I use to cover the eyes of my paper-mache mask? Details inside.

So I'm making a basic mask that just covers your face, and is smooth. No textures, no indents, just a balloon as a base. I want the eyes to be black, as in people will not be able to see my eyes or look inside my mask from the outside. I was thinking of sheer black fabric, but my friend told me that they are better things to use (she's holding back on me unfortunately), so I want to know what are your suggestions for a material that:
1. can allow vision from inside the mask but not outside
2. is cheap
3. easily obtained in nearby stores in rather small amounts

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Cheap sunglasses? ( SLZZT )
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I used sheer black material actually, when I once wanted to create simple black eyeholes. I was using a lot elsewhere in the costume, so I just cut a strip and glued it on the inside of the eyeholes. Cheapest source of sheer black would be dollar-store stockings/sheer socks, for a dollar or two.

The sheer black material will not completely block off your eyes (to close inspection), but given that your eyes will be shadowed, the eye holes will be perceived as simply black from most angles.
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yeah, honestly something like black scrim seems like the best option. Just go to the local fabric store and hols stuff up to the light.
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I did a Nazgul costume years ago, where I attached red leds to my glasses and made a veil of thin black fabric.
It apparently looked really spooky, and let me see well enough. It was only a bit tricky in the outside in the dark. So I would go with sheer fabric.
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I've been reading a lot of Halloween costume tutorials lately, and people who need to cover eyeholes with something black seem to be turning to speaker fabric specifically these days. I think there is good visibility for the mask-wearer, but not for the person viewing the mask.
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Fine metal mesh (painted black) can also be used. You can find it in craft stores. It's more helpful when you want the eye holes to have dimension, as they hold whatever shape you put them in.
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