Help me find live plant keychains?
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Live plants, in capsules, on keychains (or attachable to jewelry)... Where can I get them, retail?

The articles and such that I've seen are years old. I'm looking for something like this. Unfortunately, all I can find are Chinese wholesalers. I am not a retailer, and I don't want/need 100+.

Amazon lists a couple like these, but no indication of when they might become available.

I've tried Etsy and Ebay, but maybe I'm using the wrong keywords? Can you help me find them? Needs to be available in, or shippable to, the US. Must be able to purchase in small quantities. Bonus for not being cactus. Extra bonus if they grow big enough to be transplanted to a pot.
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Have you tried using "air plants" in your searches? I know there are a bunch on Etsy, because I'm always seeing them and wanting them, and they don't ship to Canada.
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You can find some as cellphone charms at Strapya World. I think they ship from Japan, though.
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Wow, nevermind, they seem to be sold out at the moment, too.
posted by extramundane at 2:15 PM on October 13, 2012 sells jewelry like this periodically - I think probably it has cropped up three times in the past 6months, maybe. I don't think any is on sale at the moment, but if you sign up for their emails or grab the app for your phone you can keep tabs. I think you can also look around at past sales. I'm sure if you emailed Fab they could point you in the right direction, as well.
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You could also try tillandsia and epiphyte in your searches.
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This one is in stock at Amazon right now.
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I'm not sure if moss terrarium type things is something you'd be okay with, but there are a lot of really nifty little mossish things that I have my eye on over there a lot (I am also a person who makes moss terrariums). Here are some examples

- moss balls in water (can't be transplanted)
- moss terrarium as a pendant
- a few terrarium kits, need minimal assembly, not really in capsules but adaptable
- here is one that looks like what you are looking for succulentwise but maybe not the right sort of container
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On my phone, sorry for lack of direct link here, but should still have them? You can order just one, free shipping, magically cheap. Magically cheap shipping sometimes takes a few weeks, but they're good. "AliExpress" is where to look for the same tat in smaller quantities.
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^Came here to recommend the Lucky Bamboo Plant in a Bottle on DealExtreme, but seems like they're sold out at the moment.
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Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I've bookmarked the places where they seem to be sold out, and have picked up more keywords for searches. These are potential xmas presents, so I've got time to watch and see if more are in stock closer to the holiday.

I'm not real big on the airplants (really, only ONE person in the country makes them?) as I suspect they'd be a bit irritating to the skin after a while. Also, they cost a little more than I was planning on spending for certain people, but might be nice for certain others.

The gel and dirt ones look nice, but moss could be cool too. I'm also looking into DIY options, but have no idea what kind of plants/seeds/seedlings I should get for something so small, or if it would be cost-effective.
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If you go on Fab right now, you can buy moss pendants from the company With Roots; they just went on sale today. Let me know if you need an invitation to join.
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