What is Munich like at the end of November?
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What is München (Munich, Germany) like at the end of November?

I have an opportunity to go to München (Munich, Germany) for a weekend at the end of November, 24-25 November to be exact. I would definitely go see Cirque du Soleil's Immortal show while I am there. I love Cirque du Soleil and am sure that I will enjoy the show, but I could also see the same show later in other locations.

I am therefore wondering, what is Munich like that time of the year? Would you recommend going there at the end of November? From what I can gather, it is just before the start of the famous Christmas markets, and I would think it would be cold and bad weather that time of the year. Is it worthwhile to visit the city at that time? What would you recommend to do that time of the year?

I have never been in Munich before if that makes a difference.
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I've been Munich several times for work and recall in that timeframe there is "cold and bad weather" but the filter I see the conditions through are living in places like Phoenix, Austin and San Diego all my life. And under that filter, I think it is comparable to New York or Chicago in the same time of year. The days could be gray and threatening rain or they could be clear and brisk (less likely if I remember). I wouldn't not go to Munich if i had a chance any time of year.

I can't offer specific advice on places to go since I've only been there on business and so drab meeting rooms aren't really fun no matter where they are. We'd go out for nice meals or to drink beers from their famous beer halls. I'd use free time to walk around places like the Marienplatz or the Olympic Park.
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To clarify, I live about an hours flight away from Munich, so could also go at other times of the year. The reason I am looking at these dates is because of the Cirque du Soleil show.
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I was in Munich in January or February of last year--so deeper in the winter than you are planning--and really enjoyed it, but also have a strong New England constitution, so rather enjoyed walking around in the cold (when dressed right). Wandering through some of the extensive museums (the Science Museum and the Bavarian Museum both go on *forever* and, then, a few steps further) gave us the opportunity to warm up our legs--and be sure to check out the surfers, who will be out in the cold weather in their wet suits on the artificial wave in the park.

I was back a few months later and enjoyed the city again in the spring, but in a different way than in the cold weather.
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Munich has superb art galleries that are exhilarating in any weather.
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Late November is usually cold and wet, and while Munich has plenty to do indoors, a lot of the quintessential Munich experiences, like the biergartens or having a picnic/grilling along the Isar, taking a long walk in the Englischer Garten, etc, are best enjoyed in the summer. But since you're only be going for a weekend, you won't have any problems finding things to do even when it's miserable out.
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I went in early December 2010. One day it was unseasonably warm, the next it was snowing (although they cleared up the snow pretty instantly). So you never know what you'll get. It was cold but the weather was blue skies and I had no problem walking around the Olympic park and other outdoor stuff. There were a surprising amount of German tourists around during the weekdays. The Christmas markets were open though, so maybe that changes things.
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