Can you recommend shops for a woman to find masculine formal wear in London, UK?
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Can you recommend places for a woman to find masculine formal wear in London, UK?

I'm going to a wedding in December, and every once and I while I want to look smashing at more formal occasions. I'm 5"3 and prefer to dress masculine. I happily shop in men's places but the main issue I have is finding things that are my size as I am short and slim. I am open to shopping online, but prefer to go to physical stores.

I am looking for a slim-fitting suit, new or used. I imagine whatever I get I will have to have tailored a bit. I like wool and tweed, Put this On-type blogs, and the J Crew Ludlow look ( at present there is not a store in the UK).

Can you recommend places for me to look?
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I just posted a link to The Butch Clothing Company in Brighton in another thread. And I hate to say it, but: Topman. They are all about the skinny suit right now, including a grey tweed one. They will hem the trousers to whatever length but if you need to really go up in size to accommodate hips and/or thighs, you will not want Topman to actually tailor your trousers. At the other end of the price range: Hackett.
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Yup, have you seen the site? Such gorgeous suits! The Butch Clothing Co. Very spendy, 900 pounds. But oh so beautiful.
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