Apricot moisturizers?
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Where can I find natural apricot moisturizer and/or soap?

I am looking to buy skin moisturizer/lotion/cream that is natural (100%) with apricot.

I love the fragrance of apricot, however this seems to be a difficult task as most apricot products out there seem to be scrubs instead of moisturizers and almost none are 100% natural products (tons of chemicals in it). I thought St.Ives used to have an apricot hand lotion once upon a time but not anymore (?). Any links/tips to this would be great, thank you.
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I think the problem is that apricot is not available as a natural essential oil. From my soap making and body products ventures in the past, I learned that not all scents in the natural world are available as scents for soap or perfumes, hence the artificial, or fragrance oil, products.

What you have to look at is how they are manufactured, and then you will realize that apricot is not really a natural scent, unless you are smelling the actual fruit. However, things like mint are easily distilled, hence their cheapness and availability as essential oils, and thus, in personal care products (Suave Rosemary Mint Shampoo). Lilac is one example: it's fake. So is violet. Some things just don't lend themselves to scents, or it is too much cost to get them into a bottle. But they can be mimicked with chemicals.

Maybe you should explore essential oils that you like and then go from there to see what products might include those. Orange oil is very cheap, for instance. However, it's very volatile, that's why they often mix it with something like vanilla or even patchouli. But I am betting there is no such thing as a real apricot essential oil and the fragrance you want is just that: a chemical fragrance oil. If you want that, then Google Apricot Fragrance Oil.
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Kiss My Face's Peaches & Creme moisturizer could pass for apricot.
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This is a natural apricot moisturizer. I think you can actually buy straight apricot essential oil as well, and maybe that could be used directly instead of lotion. But I'd like to second the recommendation for Kiss My Face's Peaches & Creme moisturizer, if you're willing to go with peach instead.
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I think it isn't as popular anymore because it is like peanut butter in the sense that women have found they are quite allergic to apricot. Crazy, right? I used to use the St. Ives apricot stuff, but you are right, they don't make the lotion anymore. Plus, there were lots of chemicals in it. Try This. Also THIS item might be something you'd like.
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Apricot fragrance is always synthetic, and apricot oil doesn't smell like apricots. However, this awesome glycerin soap/lotion maker has an apricot fragranced lotion, and if she doesn't do a soap with it, she might, if you asked. I've used her soaps, and they are very nice.
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