Volvo - What to do with the engine?
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I have a 1991 Volvo 740 with a 4 cylinder engine that was rebuilt less than 3000 miles ago. Car was just in an accident that totaled the car but didn't affect the engine. So I figure I'll look for another Volvo that needs an engine. Does anyone know what year & models can take that engine? Or point me in the direction of where to look. Or just part the car out and start fresh? Thank you!
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The car parts places like Pick-A-Part have computer databases that will tell you.
Your local Volvo dealer will do the same.
Google Groups will likely help.
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I'm assuming your insurance company didn't pay you anything, as that would make the car theirs. If it were me I'd take it to a salvage yard and try to haggle about some extra value because of the relatively fresh engine. Keep in mind they can't be sure the engine isn't damaged until they pulled it out and inspected it, plus a rebuilt engine + 3,000 miles = a used engine that the new owner still knows nothing about, relatively speaking.
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740s came with only four cylinder engines. The "modular" engine, which came in 4, 5 and 6 cylinder versions, was introduced in the 900-series models. As far as I know, in 1991 there were two flavors, one with a turbo (B230 FT) and one without (B230 EF). I believe the turbo version was also used in 940s, but, generally, if you're advertising it for sale you want to use this alphanumeric code and the model year (there were refinements to the design, though the number remained the same).

I've heard of people trying to wedge them into 240s (apparently they fit, kind of), but this is strictly an advanced topic. There is probably someone who will want to buy this engine out there somewhere. You might check Turbobricks.
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I would like to recommend The Brick Board. My father is a Volvo fanatic and he swears by these people. They will more than likely have very well-educated answers for you.
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It might help if we knew where you were located. I could name a place here in Michigan that would probably take it off your hands.
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It's kind of a hack, and I'm not sure how the part database is sorted, but you may look at, which is a clearinghouse of parts from various junk dealers. If you search for a part you'll see the compatible part from the various compatible years. It's always been very accurate for me.
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Typically, if someone has a car and can't find/afford an engine for it, the car goes to scrap/salvage and will have a salvage title. That's not a best case scenario. (Even if you found a "parts" car that only needs an engine, still not good.)

I'd part it out if it's possible and start anew.
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Seconding the need for location. My brother would probably sell you my old Volvo 940 which has the same 4-cylinder engine. He lives in NY and is about to go away to sea.

I also second the brick board but I think if you don't know what you're doing you might be better off just selling the engine to someone who does.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help. I am in RI. I wouldn't be doing this myself. More like getting both cars to the shop and having it done. I've been looking for similar aged cars that need an engine but haven't found one yet and it's time to get this out of my driveway. Thanks again.
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