Is my suit out of date?
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I have a wedding tomorrow. I have a suit that I bought for my high school graduation in 2000. Does it look out of date (picture)?
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Are you just a guest? Those lapels are a bit much for someone not in the wedding party.

And yeah, that cut is neither stylish nor particularly flattering. Time for a new jacket!
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My girlfriend and I are the masters of ceremonies at the wedding. I'm 30 by the way.
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It'll do the job tomorrow, but it may be time for a new suit.
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Gonna wear a tie?
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Yes I'm going to wear a new tie. I just took a quick picture.
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Don't worry. All eyes will be on the bride.
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If you're the MC, all eyes are gonna be on you for at least a while. I can't see the pants, but get a new jacket.
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If you can actually get yourself a flattering suit by tomorrow, do so. Otherwise, wear this one tomorrow and get a new suit, because this one doesn't flatter and does look out of date.
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Thank you. It doesn't surprise me that it's out of date, but I'm not very good at fashion and wanted to confirm!
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I love this question. Can we get an is-this-outfit-appropriate subsection of AskMeFi?

If you're not the sort who needs to wear a suit often (which it seems like you're not), I think this will work just fine for tomorrow.

You may want to upgrade to a more flattering one to be your grownup weddings-and-funerals suit soon, though, so you'll have it for next time.
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It's not "in style", but if you choose to cultivate that look as your personal style, then it will be just fine. It won't look dated to anyone but the sort of people who pay attention to such things.

Things that look/will look extremely dated:

4-5" lapels from the 1970s (watch the movie "The Boys from Brazil" to see how obvious it looked)
The 1.5" and thinner lapels that have been fashionable recently
4 button suits from the early 00s

Anything else, IMHO, can just be considered a man's personal preferences. He won't look "in style" at that particular moment, but he will be known as "3 button suit dude" or whatever.
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I see white spots, not sure if those are on the suit--might need a cleaning?
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Yeah, the style is fine but I think it's dirty.
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I think you look totally great. The exception would be if you are going to a wedding attended by the fashionable set in New York or LA.
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(I think it's the mirror that needs a cleaning.)

No judgment my mirrors have dog nose prints all over them.
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It is fine. Add a tie and a pocket square.
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First of all, I can't believe you can fit into something you bought in 2000. Quite envious. I don't think it is too bad, no one will notice, guys wear suits. Grey, black, blue, you all look the same. The girls all look at each other and comment on how fabulous the dress, shoes, hair, nails are. Make sure you have a cheery tie and pocket square and you'll be fine. You might want to throw it in the dryer with a Dryel sheet to freshen it up.
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It's a bit dated, mainly because of the rather large lapels, but it'll do the trick. I'm curious what it looks like when properly buttoned up and worn with a tie. It might look better in that situation.
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Looks fine to me. Get it professionally cleaned first, though.
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I can't be the only one who thinks that suit jacket is 2 sizes too small.
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The jacket is what's not cutting it. I think, if you really don't want to buy an entire new suit, you should instead just buy a crisp, new shirt and a badass vest and tie, take those and the pants to a drycleaner and get everything all cleaned and pressed. At the wedding, as soon as it's appropriate for you to do so, fling the jacket on the back of a chair and rock that shit! (I'm also jealous that you can fit into a suit from high school.)
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I'm going to disagree with pretty much everyone here. Not only does the suit fit you really really well (assuming you can button the jacket; can you button the jacket?), the lapels have gone right past dated to "in" again. You'll see lots of skinny lapels in J. Crew catalogs still, but wider lapels are definitely coming back in for guys and you should embrace it.
  • Pitti Uomo is the twice-yearly big men's fashion event in Italy. Here are some guys there rocking wider lapels (to be fair, there were lots of guys rocking narrower lapels, but not nearly as narrow as a few years ago, and it was certainly less all narrow everything than it has been).
  • Look at mens' classic style darlings The Armoury's Tumblr. All wider, nicely proportioned lapels.
  • Also, you're kind of a bigger dude, and skinny lapels would make you look even bigger becuase the proportion of lapel to jacket width would be off.
The 3-button style of the is a still a litte dated, but there's hope! 3-roll-2 jackets are super awesome (here's another nice picture of two of the Armoury guys wearing them) and you can probably re-press your lapel into a 3-roll-2 (or ask your cleaner to).

Beyond that, pop on a super-simple tie and maybe (maybe!) a flower or simple pocket square and have fun, knowing you look awesome!
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I assume the white spots are on the mirror because they are on different parts of the jacket in both pictures.

In any event, but especially since you will be a focus of attention as the MC, I would at least get a new jacket that is as close a match as possible to the pants. If you could get a new suit, great, but you may not be able to get one at such short notice. Even off the rack, a suit needs some adjustment and you'd be paying a premium to have adjustments done in just a few hours.

To my eye:

* the material looks very cheap. I cannot believe that is wool. This is the first thing I noticed. I don't know why no one else has commented on that.
* the combination of the three buttons and lapels make this look like you are a butler
* why no pocket flaps?
* the jacket does not fit you well

My advice somewhat depends on the audience. If the crowd is less conscious about clothes, they may not notice. You do need to get a new suit at some point, though.
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I think it actually looks a bit tux-ish, which in a wedding ceremony is a good thing. I think a jaunty tie and pocket square will cover you for tomorrow. I do nth going out to get a new suit when you can, relatively soon. There will be more weddings (and unfortunately, funerals) in your future.
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The jacket looks too small and the color is faded
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Don't let all of our comments make you feel self-conscious about it! If it's done for you for the last ten years, you can get one more event out of it. I don't think "all eyes" are really on the MC, usually - the MC announces and people look at the person he's announcing, right?

But yeah, it wouldn't be a bad idea to find a more modern suit that fits better. I've seen much worse, though.
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The sleeves are too short, and the jacket does not match the pants.
I recommend a new suit.
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I'm going to agree the general sentiment that you should have a new suit for tomorrow. Whether wider lapels are coming back in or not theyre very short and the exaggerated length of the three button front is - to me - very stylish back in the decade you bought it.
Moreover, I'd say that you need to keep in mind that as the emcee of your friends' wedding, you and whatever clothing you're wearing are an integral part of the event, memories, photos, video, etc. It's their night so if you're unsure about your outfit, show it to the couple vs. the Internet for direction of whether an update is required.
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Man, you guys are HARSH. I think it's fine.

Per Esquire's how-to-know-if-your-suit-fits page, the only problem with this one is that the sleeves are a tad short. If you wear a dark shirt with it, the little bit of sleeve sticking out will blend in with the sleeve and create a longer line.

The lapels are a bit wide - but the 3-roll-2 pressing that joshuaconner recommends would ameliorate that.

Also, it looks a tad lumpy but I think that's because you just threw it on for the picture. If you pressed it and smoothed out the shirt underneath, you'd be fine.

Plus, a tie creates a focal point - so once you add that to the equation it's going to look a lot more polished.

Look, your friends asked you to be emcee, right? And they have met you, right? They are not expecting cutting-edge fashion. All eyes are on the bride. Just go and have a good time.
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Provided you can button that up and throw on a good tie and flower/pocket square, you don't really have a problem.
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Sleeves are definitely too short and the lapels end too high on your broader chest (which could look very flattered with a nicely cut jacket), but if you can't get a new jacket by tomorrow don't have stress about this.
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I disagree with dismitree that the general sentiment in this thread is that you need a new suit for tomorrow, that's not the impression I'm getting (which is: yeah, get a new suit at some point but with a good shirt and tie, as long as you can button it, it'll do). A new suit that fits well and is properly adjusted isn't something you should rush to buy, as that would entail loads of compromises that you wouldn't have to worry about otherwise.

But in any case, I would most certainly not ask the bride and groom for advice at this point. If they're getting married tomorrow, they have other stuff on their minds.
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No, you don't need a new suit for tomorrow. I have seen far worse suits in my life, and to be honest, I was expecting something way worse before I clicked on the picture. Look, it's not the most stylish suit in the world, but I guarantee no one will even think twice about it. All eyes will be on the bride and groom. I have a pretty stylish group of friends and the only time anyone ever commented on what someone wore to a wedding is the one time someone's date wore jeans (!!!).

I would invest in a good suit after this wedding, for future use, but I would spend time finding a good quality one that fits perfectly. This is a better option that rushing to get one in time for tomorrow. Just make sure the one you have is pressed and clean, and you're good to go.

Also, I agree with Ms. Next on not asking the bride and groom for advice. This will burden them, even if they're your close friends. They have way too many other things going on.

(Oops, I realize that I'm a bit late with this comment. Oh well!)
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Another vote for the the suit is fine. Make sure it's clean and pick a good tie.
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Pitti Uomo is the twice-yearly big men's fashion event in Italy. Here are some guys there rocking wider lapels

What works in Europe -- especially Italy, where men's fashion tends to be a bit more flamboyant -- doesn't necessarily work in N. America. I think the OP will be fine, but I still think the large lapels are a bit dated and he should look for something a bit more classic.

Don't go for the ultra-thin lapels that have been fashionable for a while, either, because they'll probably look dated by the next time you need to wear a suit. Go for a suit that is conservative, rather than fashionable, and you'll rarely look out of place when wearing it, no matter how old it may be.
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Go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and get a new jacket. This one is too small, awkwardly formal (looks like its from a tux) and dated. Like something a teenage boy's mom would get him for prom.

(My wedding officiant, a close friend, wore pants that were a touch snug. Some guests still rib him about it, three years later. People will, in fact, notice.)
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The problem isn't so much that the suit is dated nor not; it's that a 3-button suit is far from ideal for your frame. Guys built like you and me need a single-breasted, two-button suit. Anything else makes us look overly blocky. If you have time to get a properly-fitted suit coat or new suit, and get it properly tailored before the wedding, you should do so. (Every guy should have a basic navy suit as a go-to in situations like this, and only thin guys should try double-breated or three-button looks for the most part.)

You say you're not really a clothes horse, so stick to basics and you'll be fine.
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Yeah, as TLo say, girl, that's not your dress.
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You could use a new suit. You don't need a new suit for tomorrow.

If you were my emcee, I'd rather you rocked your job in a less-than-cutting-edge suit than come exquisitely dressed but stressed out and ill-prepared. And I am a clothes horse.
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Can we get closure? Did you get a suit or not? And did everything turn out fine?
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