Please recommend stuff to do in Los Angeles during the day in October.
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Please recommend stuff to do in Los Angeles during the day in October.

I'm taking a trip to LA from next Thursday to Monday. I am going on a comedy pilgrimage, and I plan on seeing a bunch of shows at the UCB(including Happy Endings Live), Pete Holmes at the Improv, Garfunkel and Oates at Largo, and I also plan on going to the Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory. I am super excited. All these shows I have planned are at night. Would any of the kind people on this board who have lived/live in/visited LA recommend me stuff to do during the day? Keep in mind, I will be taking public transportation the whole time. Thanks!
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If you want to experience a surreal joke, you could check out The Museum of Jurassic Technology.
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So many possibilities...what are the types of things you like to do during the day? That will help people give you good suggestions.
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Downtown LA is accessible by public transit and there's a lot of interesting stuff down there that usually gets ignored by tourists. Grand Central Market is neat - a good place to wander around and get lunch. Also downtown is the Central Library, a Museum of Contemporary Art, the Natural History Museum (it looks like the space shuttle is arriving there this weekend, so that might be a cool thing to get to see).

South Pasadena is also super cute and accessible via the Metro Gold Line. They have an old timey pharmacy/soda fountain where you can get a great milkshake and there's a weird gift shop area in the back with lots of interesting random stuff.
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Where are you staying? That will help us figure out where you can easily go via public transport.
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If you don't mind possibly spending a long time on the bus, take public transportation to the beach! Try to go during the middle of the day to avoid rush hour.
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I'm staying at a hostel on Hollywood Blvd and Highland. I was thinking checking out Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, the Farmers Market....any other great suggestions? Thanks, everyone!
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I've recommended this before, but take a Saturday morning aerobics class with Richard Simmons. $12, and you'll have a story you'll be telling the rest of your life.
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A quick note on the UCB show: get there EARLY. I've never been, but I drive past it every evening and there is always a huge line outside. (for added amusement, you'll be almost directly across Thr street from the CoS Celebrity Center, so there's that.

I've lived in Hollywood for years, and I honestly have no idea what people here do during the day, sorry.
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Take the red line to the gold line (or just walk from union station) to Moca.

Take the red line "over the hill" (into the valley) and go on the Universal Studios tour. I've been working on studio lots for long enough that I don't think I'd get much out of a tour, but my mother really enjoyed the Warner Bros. tour. It would be much easier for you to get to the Universal lot than the Warner Bros lot, though.

Take a bus and tour the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.
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Hollywood & Highland is a fun area (very touristy, but fun) - but quite far from Santa Monica and Venice beach. It's a 30-60 minute drive to Santa Monica, unless you try to go during commute hours when it will be longer, and google maps says it's 1.5hrs and two buses. So, you could definitely do it as a day trip, but be prepared to sit on the bus for 3+ hours roundtrip.

I'd recommend staying in Hollywood or going downtown instead; you can take the underground metro downtown, and it will only take about about 20-25 minutes. Downtown, you could walk around Little Tokyo and eat delicious food. I'm drawing a blank on other suggestions at the moment, but I'll post again if I think of more.

Hollywood & Highland is a stop on the red line (that's the underground metro) in case that is helpful. DO NOT TRUST bus schedules, including the ones on google maps. Download Nextbus (a free app) on to your smartphone to get accurate bus information, they have GPS units on the buses so they are reasonably accurate.
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The beach is really a hike with no car, but probably worth it for one day. That or take the redline into downtown for a day.

UCB does a Harold matinee show on Friday afternoon that's a lot of fun. In general, you don't have to get to the UCB too early if you already have reservations (which I hope you do for Happy Endings since it's sold out), maybe 15-20mins before show time.

Also, there's a writer's panel at Meltdown Comics on Sunday afternoons that's a little academic but can be pretty fun ($15 though, so not super cheap). In fact, Meltdown Comics is worth a visit on its own, and would be an easy bus ride down Sunset. Golden Apple is another comic book shop on Melrose, and it's next to a hip pop culture-y art gallery that's pretty cool. I think it's called Gallery1988.

And if movies are your thing, you could check what's playing and maybe see one. El Capitan and the Chinese are right near Hollywood and Highland, or you could hit the Dome at the Arclight.

Definitely do the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday morning. It's a decent one.

Feel free to shoot me a memail if you've got comedy show questions, I'm pretty consistent with UCB and Largo shows.
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Oh, also: you can jump in the Book of Mormon ticket lottery for the weekend matinee shows. The Pantages theater where it's playing is near Hollywood and Vine.
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City Hall has a free observation deck in downtown LA. I highly recommend it, amazing views.
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I live in South Florida with no car, I will be ok with long bus rides. It can't be any worse than the Ft.Lauderdale publix transit system. At least there's an underground. Plus it will give me time to catch up on some podcasts.
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I reserved my ticket for Happy Endings Live as soon as the October schedule for UCB was posted. All my shows that I'm attending are paid in advance if possible.
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I'm staying at a hostel on Hollywood Blvd and Highland.

That's my 'hood when I'm in LA. If you like cocktails, head to Musso and Frank. I recommend the Braised Baby Spinach.

If you like food, head to Salt's Cure, the best restaurant in the world (in my opinion).
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Some more stuff local to the Hollywood area: the Griffith Observatory would be an easy day stop, and there is a shuttle that runs on the weekends.

Try walking around the Los Feliz neighborhood and visit Skylight Books and Fred 62 (a hipster/rockabilly diner).

The Arclight is a world class movie theater in terms of picture and sound quality. Worth a visit!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great place to peoplewatch.
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If you're right by Hollywood and Highland, then definitely take a hike up Runyon Canyon. You'll get an amazing view, both of the city panorama, and of The Future Stars Of Tomorrow getting fit and being seen.
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If you like hipster-y art and Archie McPhee-type stuff, take the bus or subway east to Vermont Ave to La Luz De Jesus Gallery.
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