Applejack Cocktails
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Applejack cocktail ideas?

I meant to buy apple brandy but I accidentally got Applejack. What are good ways to use this in cocktails? We have limited access to specialty liquors and we don't like warm boozy drinks, but other than that anything is fair game. Fall-type cocktails preferred!
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Here's a few I've tried (from Cocktail Chronicles):

Stone Fence
Fallen Leaves
Pan American Clipper
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Also from the cocktail chronicles, the thanksgiving themed Northern Spy.
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Add ginger beer a la a dark n' story (about 1 part applejack to 3 parts ginger beer).
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The Jack Rose is probably the definitive applejack drink.
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Yes, came in here to say Jack Rose! It's not overstating to say it will change your life. OK, perhaps. It definitely changed my opinion of applejack. Make it with real grenadine and lime juice.
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Did you get Laird's applejack, or Laird's bonded apple brandy? The former is okay, but the latter is spectacular.

THE classic applejack cocktail is the Jack Rose. I'm not so sure it will be spectacular with modern-day applejack, however. "Applejack" is fundamentally just the nickname for American-style apple brandy. To my palate it's a bit rough around the edges (in a good way) and close to what I might call "apple whiskey" in character. This is in contrast to French apple brandy (aka calvados) which is smooth and suave and close to what I might call "apple cognac" in character. The issue is that sometime in the 60s or 70s the government decided that if they were going to call the product "applejack" it had to be a blended product. So modern-day applejack is around 30% apple brandy blended with neutral spirits and some apple wine. This is nothing like the character of the applejack that was being used when drinks like the Jack Rose were invented. For that, you want Laird's bonded apple brandy, which is 100% apple brandy at 100 proof. Most cocktail enthusiasts and professionals call this "bonded applejack" even though it's not marketed this way, because that's what it really is. This is the product that's faithful to the original used in all the classic cocktails. Today's fairly tame "applejack" tends to get a bit lost in cocktails with a lot of flavorful ingredients. So personally I'd stick with Old Fashioneds.
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If you got Laird's bonded apple brandy, then you should try a Star Cocktail (again, from Cocktail Chronicles). You can use applejack in the recipe as well; the drink will just be a little sweeter and smoother.
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My wife and I are fans of the Apple Dandy, a delightful combination of Applejack and Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. Simple, sweet and full of apple goodness. Better still, the bubbles and sweetness mask the alcoholic kick, so you can give it a good pour and still not feel like you're downing a glass of booze.
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Thanks everyone. Yeah, I meant to get bonded apple brandy but I got the applejack instead. Great ideas! Keep them coming!
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Harvest Sour (if you are OK with egg whites)
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There are a few Applejack cocktails in the Dutch Kills bar menu [pdf] - although it isn't in the menu, I had a delicious drink there which I think was called an Applejack Smash.
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