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Can someone please direct me to a free HTML hosting site? no longer lets you host sites that we have created in HTML using Notepad. The simpler the better and the fact that we are working with 11 and 12 year old students would also be a deciding factor on what one we would/could use.
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Google Sites is available if you've got a free Gmail account.
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I like Staticloud. Can't get much simpler, just zip up your files and drop the zip on their site. If you want to make changes you just log back in and upload a new zip. No FTP or other complications involved.
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Does Google sites let you upload a .htm file?
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Does your school have a website?
Perhaps some kind soul in IT could stake-out a space to host the kids' pages?
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The last time I looked around, which was a few years ago now, seemed to offer the most complete facilities for free and does let you simply upload HTML files.

Google Sites does have an HTML editor interface, though you're editing chunks of HTML within their templating framework rather than flat HTML files. But an advantage is that it's fully integrated within their Google Accounts system and other applications like Google Docs.

For inexpensive hosting the one I've seen most frequently recommended on AskMe is, though I've never tried it myself.
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Dropbox will let you do this, although each machine will need to be logged in to the Dropbox account if you want to see the parsed HTML, not the raw HTML. Probably too weird if you want to also teach them about linking to images and other content types on the same host (you cna obviously link to external URLs just like regular), but a viable solution for very simple HTML documents.
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It's not free exactly, but Amazon S3 will run you pennies per month for the kind of thing you're describing.
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Another vote for 000webhost. Free and very simple.
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Why not just use a web-based HTML editor that auto-reloads on changes? Here's an example. There are probably better ones.
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