List of Criterion Movies on Hulu?
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Is there a full list of the Criterion movies available on Hulu? Hulu recently borked the searching on their website making it impossible to search on directors or genres (or almost anything). You can browse to the Criterion section of but there doesn't seem to be a "show me all the movies" subsection. Is there a 3rd party site actually that lists them all?
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This may be a good place to start. Happy viewing!
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That list on that side hasn't been updated since January so I'd still like to find a complete list but that is a good start.
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If you search for something, there is an "Advanced Search" option on the top right results page that lets you search by things like directors. Putting "Criterion" in the network field seemed to give a realistic list.
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I found this website, Streaming Criterions. It covers both Netflix and Hulu and is updated regularly.
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I found that Streaming Criterions site yesterday and it says that it has Hulu movies but it's only got Netflix movies listed.
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Final update from the OP:
For the sake of search engines, the final answer to this question is that Criterion has put searchable, sortable pages of the films available on Hulu.

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