Does [Insert name here] write book blurbs? If so, for which books?
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Is there a book blurb search engine, or something that will let me see if someone has ever written a book blurb, and what it was? (Or some clever way of googling Amazon's Editorial Reviews sections)

I'm writing a book and the publisher has asked me who I'd like them to approach for book blurbs. I've been brainstorming on well-known people, and it would be very helpful to know whether those people have ever agreed to write book blurbs or not. Is there any way to find out using the magic of the internet?
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This is a low-tech solution, but maybe you could identify similar items in terms of genre, audience, and theme, and then either go to the book store/library and find blurbs on the book, or find some web presence for the book (usually the publisher's or author's site) and look for blurbs there.
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Many authors will state their blurb policies on their websites.
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I used to solicit blurbs for a publisher, and I asked that authors create a "dream" list of five or so endorsers and then a "reality" list of folks who they had connections to, had met at conferences, and so on. For your dream list, authors tend to blurb each other's books--find out who's endorsed them, and it's likely that the favor has gone both ways.
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