Wandering in inland Brazil
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Wandering in inland Brazil.

I'm toying with doing a wandering road trip in Brazil. The general route would be from Brasilia down through Campo Grande to Bonito, then up north along the edge of the Pantanal and a final leg back to Brasilia.

Research shows what look to be well maintained primary roads along with a take-your-chances secondary network. All in all it looks like a good place to wander about.

Could someone who has spent time in that part of Brazil comment on this plan, particularly if you think it's a bad idea?
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Well. It is a poor part of Brasil, so that brings some element of danger. how do you plan to spend the nights? It's not always the hamlets lie close in those parts.

Other than that: Wonderful scenery, diverse landscape (but I've only walked with guide in the Diamond region).

You should try to get in touch with brasileros that actually hiked in those parts.

Good luck!
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All good except for 2 dangers:

1. Increasing crime as you get into less developed areas, with not a great police /reporting system.

2. Prevalence of disease and easy (timely) access medical treatment in outlying areas. Get all boosters according CDC etc. And medical evac insurance

Have fun.
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I'm brazilian, and althogh I've never made this specific road trip, I've travelled in the region and your trip doesn't strike me as especially dangerous. YMMV, though.

Are you aware of the Chapada dos Veadeiros national park to the north of Brasília? Beautiful rock formations, waterfalls and weird wildlife, such as the rare maned wolf, might be worth a visit!
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Hi yeah, I've just checked with a friend who actually made this drive, he confirms it's not particularly dangerous. He also suggested Emas National Park. (pics)
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