Excel: Pivot tables with Line Graph with outside data
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Excel Pivot Table + Line Chart Help

I have a worksheet of raw data that I'm pivoting into a new worksheet. For the column row I have DATE, for the value date I have REVENUE. And under filter I have TYPE.

Then after the pivot table, i'm copy/pasting two more columns of data from another source to create a calculated field.

I want to create a line graph that makes a line for each TYPE. currently, I can only do it by what I select in the filter, but I want a line for each TYPE.

I could do this with a lot of copy/pasting out of the pivot table, but is there a simpler way? And I can't use a Pivot Chart, as I have to utilize copy/pasted fields outside the pivot table.
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Not quite following what happens once you add the extra calculations outside of the pivot table. Does this serve as the data source for your Chart?

I may be way off here, but would moving TYPE from a filter to a column label not give you two columns of data, one for each TYPE, from where you should still be able to do the extra calculations for your Line Chart?
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You could make a separate pivot table on a separate worksheet that has Type on rows, Date on columns, and Revenue on values. Create a pivot chart based on this table, but place the pivot chart on the original worksheet that contains the table with the copy/pasted data. Hide the sheet with the pivot table driving the chart.
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Here's what I do for something similar.

I do a pivot table using the item ID in the rows, then I have two dates in the columns.

But I do a combination of Pivot Table and VLOOKUP to get all of my data in columns across the top.

So, do your pivot table, and then a VLOOKUP to add TYPE as a second column. Save AS, so it's not a pivot table anymore.

Then you can pivot again, on TYPE to get sum of revenue by type, and you can do your charts really easily from there.

I am the QUEEN of jankity work-around.

Ask anyone. They'll tell you.
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