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Recommendations for a vet for cats in San Francisco?

My cats have the best vet ever but she is retiring and it seems like the practice is being sold. :( We're looking around again as we're note familiar with the new vets at the practice and figure it's a good time to ask around. The kitties are young and pretty healthy but we'd like a good vet in case something does come up later on. We're looking for someone in the city, not necessarily cats only but definitely someone with lots of experience with cats, weekend hours would be good but it doesn't not need to be a 24 hr place or emergency hospital and maybe not too pricey. We'd like to go to a practice where we could see the same vet most of the time. Our vet was especially good at helping us make decisions around end of life care with our old cats and sorting out the necessary procedures when money was a concern and we'd love a new vet who would be good at these things too. Please let me know if you have experience with a great vet practice or doctor.
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Best answer: We have always gone to Pets Unlimited . It's a non profit vet place plus shelter.
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Best answer: I've been taking my cat to the Nob Hill Cat Clinic for 6 years and have always liked them. As far as I know there are only 2 vets, so you get pretty solid continuity of care. The woman who was fostering my cat when I got him also took all her cats there. But according to Yelp YMMV.
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Best answer: 2nding Pets Unlimited. We've adopted cats from there, had our cats go there for many years, and even had cats put to sleep there at the end of long, happy lives. They're great.
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Best answer: I've had experience with two practices in SF for my cat. The first was Balboa Pet Hospital in the Outer Richmond. They were fine but I didn't really need much from them since my cat was healthy. I don't think anyone I saw there is still there (or maybe it was so long ago that I just don't remember any of the names).

After I moved to the Mission, I started going to Mission Pet Hospital and they were really awesome. Again, I can't recall the doctor who treated my cat but at this point he was very sick and had diabetes and they helped me through the last few years of his life and couldn't have been sweeter and more loving and attentive when I finally had to put him down. I'd go there again for sure.
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