Gynecologist in NYC who takes Family Health Plus?
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Gynecologist in NYC who takes Family Health Plus?

My current Gynecologist turned out to be a nightmare- and I need a new one very soon- as my prescription is going to run out and I am literally terrified of returning to the old doctor. I'm willing to travel, but if they're in Brooklyn, then even better. If worse comes to worse, I’ll be making an appointment at PP, but I would prefer a doctor I can build some trust with.

I'm mostly concerned with the doctor being good (and not terrifying or completely innaproprate), and taking my insurance (FHP).
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As far as I can tell (from a couple of confusing web sites), East 13th Street Family Practice in Manhattan takes Family Health Plus. That's where my own doctor, Dr. Lesnewski, is, and she is wonderful; she's both my GP and my OB/GYN. They're bustling, but not making-you-wait-forever-in-the-lobby busy.

Also, they have a program where you can EMAIL your doctor and book appointments for things online, which is A GODSEND. Dr. Lesnewski has been putting up with my questions about sinus issues very patiently, as well.
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