Today I would like to look THIS professional
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There is a hole left in my life where the Academic Chic blog used to live. Help me find new inspiration?

I'm in my mid thirties, and I work a management position in the arts in SF. I am having a hard time finding inspiring outfits, given that suits are out. I used to love Academic Chic (Elissa was the reason I read) but I'm just not finding any similar blogs. Ideally it would be kept up regularly, as I would love store ideas as well.
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Through a recent thread I discovered What An Employed Adult Would Wear.

I think she's a wee bit corporate, but you could easily dress down or creative-ize a lot of it. For example you could wear the top she's wearing in today's post with a slim trouser or dark jeans and ballet flats, easy.
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I've been testing out a bunch of fashion blogs lately; I'm finding that most are too focused on stilettos and $1,000 handbags plus 12 bracelets and 3 statement necklaces for me. I'm still not sure I've quite found what I am looking for, so I'll be watching this thread closely, but so far the few I have kept in my RSS feed are: Delusions of Grandeur, Putting Me Together, Kendi Everyday, and Happily Grey.
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SidewalkReady (mostly)

These two are a bit more high fashion but I like them for inspiration/learning about fashion trends:

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Here are two that feature nice casual-wear that could be professional for some offices:

Chic on the Cheap

Shen Dove Style
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I loved Academichic, and I look at most of the blogs listed above. I'm listing the following with the caveat that I do not have the money or the inclination to dress this way every day all the time, but I do find them inspirational for my work wardrobe, which is maybe two levels up on the formality scale from Academichic:

Boardroom Belles
Capitol Hill Style

I particularly like the comments on Corporette; people threadjack immediately to ask for shopping recommendations on clothes that may or may not be related to the original post.
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Response by poster: These are great! I'm absolutely adoring Shen Dove Style.
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I feel your pain. Check out What Would a Nerd Wear (it too, is gone forever, but has a similar look, big archives and a pinterest that updates, at least).

Respect the Shoes
That Damn Green Dress
26 & Counting

And, uh... this might be weird, but 'modest' fashion blogs (AKA Mormons) can be surprisingly good for non-suited workwear. I think Clothed Much is the most well-known and they have more links on the sidebar.
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Seconding Wardrobe Oxygen. She's a petite, curvy Washington DC woman who used to work in the fashion industry and now does something more corporate, but still has an affection for fashion. I followed her for years and then lost her somehow and just recently found her blog again. It's a good mix of inexpensive things combined with more investment type pieces.
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Economy of Style is good for regular office friendly outfit posts.
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I like Fashion for Nerds and the above-mentioned Already Pretty.
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