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Can you give me some examples of short films that are primarily monologues or someone telling a story?

I'm looking for short films that are primarily one person talking either to another person or to the air, telling a story or something similar. I'm interested in the techniques filmmakers use to keep such films visually interesting and compelling.

I'm not looking for famous monologues from feature films or television.
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La Jetee.

Also, many, if not all, of Peter Greenaway's short films. A Walk Through H is probably my favorite. The Falls is a feature-length film of his consisting only of narration.
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At least some of the HP Lovecraft Collection short films are like this, due to the source material. I know 'Nyarlathotep,' on the Cool Air collection, is a monologue/telling of the story, with a silent film background acting out the scenes.
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I was gonna recommend My Dinner With Andre, and then I realized you said 'short films,' but seriously you should see it anyways. The entire movie is simply a conversation between two men sitting in a restaurant.
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Are you familiar with Spalding Gray? He is know for his monologues, particularly Swimming to Cambodia and Monster in a Box.
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The Discipline of D.E. by Gus Van Sant
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Response by poster: I'm sorry, I should have been more specific and said I'm looking for examples where the storyteller or monologuist is the primary visual, as opposed to something like La Jetee or a silent film with narration.
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Did you only want short films specifically? A Huey P. Newton Story clocks in at 86 mins. but is exactly what you're looking for.
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Oh, hmm... that's tougher. If you can find Neil LaBute's "Sexting," that would qualify, though I would argue it's not necessarily a *great* film, and it's essentially one take, so the visual interest is all about Julia Stile's performance and charisma.
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Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but I keep thinking Errol Morris. He uses a device that allows subjects to look directly into the camera lens when answering questions, giving the impression that they're delivering a kind of monologue instead of responding to prompting. He uses a lot of additional footage in the finished product, but the storytelling technique is striking. The idea may or may not be helpful to you.

Here's a short film from Morris that appeared in the blue recently.
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A longer movie, but well-done is Blown Sideways Through Life, based on a monologue/one-woman-show by Claudia Shear.
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Many of Andy Warhol's sound films would fit. Here's a filmography. Ones I've seen that definitely (maybe?) fit are Camp, Paul Swan, and Poor Little Rich Girl.
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Perhaps "Fires in the Mirror"?
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David Cronenberg's Camera.
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I'm not sure if your criteria exclude them (they're famous and not quite short), but Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues are, television-wise, the masterpiece of the genre.
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Also, the Beckett on Film set (you can watch several on YouTube, I think) has some good ones with visual interest.
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There's a bit of that in the feature film "Conversations with Other Women," and rather a lot in the TV series "In Treatment"
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This is animated dogs and badgers and such, but maybe you can take some cues from Creature Comforts.
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Martin Scorcese's "American Boy" may be exactly the kind of thing you're looking for. (it's available on YouTube)
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It's a part of a much longer movie, but Jean-Claude Van Damme has a fantastic monologue telling his life story in the movie JCVD. Yes, really.
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This (the title and all the rest of it is NSFW).
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Liam Gavin's Shooting Blanks.
"My name is Cupid, and I'm an alcoholic." Under 12 minutes.
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I just spotted this one, Joseph Gordon-Levitt talking about his love for Strawberry Bootlaces, (yt) and doing so as if he was English. 2:15 long, and it's a mix of live action (Gordon-Levitt as a kind of cut-out) and animation (background and "props") and entirely narrated by Gordon-Levitt.

If you've ever over-eaten red licorice, well, this will speak to you on a deep level. Perhaps too deep.
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