WordPress, where to start?
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Can you recommend a good set of tools, books, blog posts, or videos to get into WordPress? I have functional knowledge of HTML and CSS, but most of my experience is a decade out of date.
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I'd recommend CSS-Tricks - there are screencasts that deal with WordPress, in addition to articles. He's also got a book called Digging into WordPress (website).

WordPress.tv is another good resource (I like video, I guess).
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Do you want to do basic things like install Wordpress, add a theme and change settings or do you want to develop your own themes or plugins or other customizations?

Do you know JavaScript? Do you know PHP?
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WPBeginner.com as a whole, for obvious reasons. It tends to build posts around specific goals, rather than just have you trying to fit the entire application in your head at once.

WPTuts+ isn't specifically beginner-oriented, but has a similar focus on individual tasks. So once you start getting yourself into "Okay, but now how do I make it do X?" situations, it'll be a good place to rummage.

Digging into WordPress is again task-focused, but a little more technical, in my eyes. They have a book(which does start from the beginning) that's updated pretty continually, so is always conveniently in line with changes in the current WP version, which is nice.
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