I want to lust after some 'cycles.
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Can you recommend a nice motorcycle coffee table book?

Hi, I'm looking for a motorcycle coffee table book...something that has pictures of many, many motorcycles, from old to new (hopefully up to at least 2008), preferably with some explanatory text and nice glossy photos to pore over on cold winter nights.

I searched Amazon and came up with this, which looks somewhat dated, but not much else that got super high marks.
Do you know of any good ones? Own any?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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You want The Art of the Motorcycle.
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Seconding The Art of the Motorcycle. A beautiful book made from an incredible exhibit. There's nothing else remotely like it.
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I think this one is great, but it might not fit your definition of a coffee table book--the photos aren't all artsy. It's still definitely pore-over-able, though. Immensely so!
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Just coming in to mention The Art of the Motorcycle. It's the gold standard.
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Thanks, all. Looks like The Art of the Motorcycle is the way to go!

I will also check out your suggestion, scratch, it looks good as well (I'd virtually paged through it and thought so myself but wasn't sure).

Too bad most of the books seem to be out of print so I can't easily find them in stores to flip through, but oh well!

Appreciate your advice.
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