Breaking Time Warner Biz Class Contract...
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Anyone broken a Time Warner Business Class contract? What are the penalties?

I got Time Warner Business Class for internet (about $85/month) on a two-year contract back in August. Well, I'm moving my business and the new location needs to have TW put in via underground cable (it's a new building) etc., which will all take probably at least 6 weeks. Time Warner tends to move very , very slowly on things. The problem is, I NEED internet on Nov. 11 for an auction i'm having. I'm an auctioneer...

Anyway, AT&T is already at the the building. Talked to AT&T today, they can do my internet etc for a good cost and quickly, so they say.

So, the question is, what does it cost to break a TW biz class contract? If it is some reasonable flat fee, I might do it. If it is every month x remaining months or something then I'm stuck, and I'll have to figure out another solution until TW gets put in. Maybe ask my neighbor there if I can tap into his wifi for my auction or something. he's cool and will probably be OK with it.

Anyone ever break their TW biz class contract??? what happens in terms of penalties?
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Do you have a copy of the contract? Does it mention early termination?
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Response by poster: damn it, sounds like they would get me for basically all of my remaining service...

1.3 In addition, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Master Agreement, in the event this Master Agreement or any Service Order hereunder terminates for any reason other than TWC’s material breach or a Bankruptcy Event impacting TWC (as permitted in Sections 11.1(a) or (b)) or as permitted in Section 11.1(c) above, Customer shall, at TWC’s discretion: (a) promptly pay TWC the full amount of the Service Charges that Customer would have been charged for the remainder of the Initial Term or the then-current renewal term; or (b) reimburse TWC for all volume, term or other discounts and credits provided in anticipation of full performance of Customer’s obligations and any unpaid portion of the installation fee set forth in the applicable Service Order(s).
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asking your neighbor if you can tap into his wireless that day- even offering maybe 50 bucks, sounds like your best deal.
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i know 50 is a lot but he might not like giving you his password/temporarily changing it/risking it not working that day and you freaking out. he might just refuse the money.
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I would call them and ask them if they can put a hold on payments until they are able to bring service to the new building, and then call AT&T and see if they can provide you service in the meantime. TW doesn't want to lose you as a customer, and shifting the remainder of you contract a few months out doesn't seem like it would be a major problem for them.
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Depending on how your company is structured the expense reduces your taxable income, which is usually a good thing. You may want to have your business eat the cost.
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I used to work for BellSouth/ATT. Your best bet is to have them produce a copy of the agreement you signed. If they can't then cancel without impunity. If TWC has as crappy a record keeping system as Ma Bell it's a wonder ANYONE stays throughout the contract.
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