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What's the best way to find out if your ISP has suddenly gone out of business?

My internet connectivity (DSL) has been down for about the past 24 hours. Calls to the ISP's support number either ring for a long time and then go to voicemail, or go directly to voicemail. The same thing happens with calls to the "24/7 NOC". Emails sent to the support email address get a ticket number and a form letter reply. There is no current online status info on their website.

There have been occasional down times before but never this long since I've been a customer (several years). I've actually been a very satisfied customer and this is an extremely unusual situation in my experience with them. However, if they've gone out of business I obviously need to pursue other options. I just don't want to be unduly hasty because getting set up with another ISP is an ordeal. Advice? The ISP in question is here.
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Have you tried contacting any/all of the listed officers on LinkedIn?
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CEO and VP of Tech
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Also, bear in mind that if they've had a catastrophic outage, their customer support staff are probably swamped. (I was working at an ISP when the Code Red virus hit in the early part of the last decade - the helpdesk was a week digging out of the call backlog.)

I'd give it another day or so for them to respond to your email or voicemail or for the service to return, and then look into another provider.
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Response by poster: Also, bear in mind that if they've had a catastrophic outage, their customer support staff are probably swamped.

That's what I was thinking except that in the past they've put a message on the support call-in number so you'd at least know they were working on it. Right now it's pretty much radio silence except for the automated email responses.
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Have you tried chatting with the online support rep that's linked on the left side of their home page? They are showing as online right now.
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