I want a new mug One that won't make me sick One that won't make me crash my car Or make me feel three feet thick
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The weather is getting colder and I need to find a new insulated mug for my commute but there is more...I ride my motorcycle year round and I need one that is absolutely leakproof (it gets thrown in my bag) and keeps it hot and is easy to clean

Im not looking for a thermos (tried it before and the size/capacity just doesnt work for me). I currently am using this it meets the leakproof-ness and is easy to clean it sucks in keeping it hot. I had this one before, which was amazing at keeping it hot, didn't leak but the top was impossible to keep clean.....so any suggestions would be great
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I have a bubba and LOVE IT. I live in Canada and I have left this puppy in my car all day (7 hours) and it was -20 out. After work, after I trudged through the calf deep snow I found it in the car and the tea was still warm. Not hot, but definitely still warm. I was totally shocked (and then proceeded to drink my tea on the drive home.) I almost always just toss it in my purse or on the passenger chair haphazardly and I have never had a problem with leaking. My partner, who makes my tea for me every morning, was so impressed with mine that he got one for himself and he loves it too.

In summary, Bubba rocks ass.
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OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug (Stainless Steel).

Keeps your drink hot virtually forever, doesn't leak (the pushbutton seal is spring-loaded), and can easily be operated one-handed.

OXO has a colored polycarbonate version of this mug, but it doesn't hold the heat as well; the mug gets warm to the touch. This is good for warming your hands in the winter, but not so good for keeping your drink hot!
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Oh, and re. Easy to clean... We put ours in the dishwasher. Works like a charm! :)
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I've recently been seeing neoprene covers for nalgenes and other waterbottles. Maybe that would solve the "keeping it hot" issue without sacraficing what you already have?
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I met Stanley in December, and we've been very close friends ever since.

It's very simple, which I like--there's no sliding bit on the lid, it's just a drink-through screw-on cap. The squishy plastic bit that makes the seal is removable, which makes it much easier to clean. It's also dishwasher safe. It definitely keeps hot things hot for at least 2-3 hours, longer if it isn't opened at all. I routinely test the seal by turning it straight upside down--as long as the lid is tightened properly, it doesn't leak a drop. Definitely thow-it-in-your-bag-proof.
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Seconding raccoon409, insulated means that it will either be tiny or difficult to clean, so buy a non-insulated one and put it in an insulated sleeve or bag.
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Another vote for the OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug. I am an inveterate spiller of things in my bag and haven't had a mishap with this one once! It is also so well insulated that I can burn my tongue on coffe I made an hour ago. It's the best.
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I've had the Nissan Thermos Backpack for our or five years now and it gets routinely thrown into my bike bag or other places that make no sense. Still rocks.
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Similar to advicepig but a different model, I love the Thermos Nissan Travel Mug, and have thrown it into my bike pannier many times with no leaks. I always do a quick upside-down shake over the sink once it's full just to make sure I haven't put the lid on incorrectly, which I suspect has saved me a wet bag once or twice.
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I have an insulated Kleen Kanteen with both the "leakproof" and "cafe" tops, and I just leave the "cafe" top at my desk at work. Total piece of mind when I throw the mug in my bag, but nice sippy features when I am work. Stainless interior, so it cleans easily with a bottle brush (nice wide-mouth top, unlike many thermoses).
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I recently got a Contigo West Loop mug. Leak proof and keeps drinks HOT.

Plus, when I dropped the mug (after only having it 2 weeks) and cracked the lid, I discovered Contigo offers replacement lids for a very reasonable price.

I will also give props to the Extreme. Good mugs.
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bibliogrrl, thats the other one I had but the lid would always get so funky. I could never clean it out completely (ALL THOSE CREVICES) But damn it keeps stuff hot.
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ThirdIng Nissan travel mugs. It doesn't go in the dishwasher but cleans easily and keeps stuff hot for ages. Mine is close to 15 years old.
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I used the OXO Good Grips Travel Mug and loved it until I read about problems cleaning the lid (amazon link). Lately I've been using a Hydro Flask stainless steel insulated bottle but do not like drinking hot tea with it since it has a screw-top cap.
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I will never purchase anything other than the Thermos Sipp. Doesn't leak and keeps liquids hot for hours. The lid is a little complex and takes some tlc to thoroughly clean, but it's well worth it.
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Yeah, the Oxo sucks due to the lid issues. It's impossible to clean well and gets disgusting.
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The OXO is easily cleaned, actually. The disc that serves as the seal twists off. Apparently some people don't realize this. The plastic top can actually be run through the dishwasher occasionally if you take the disc off. The rubber parts on the disc and the mug will degrade in the dishwasher, which is why they tell you it's not dishwasher safe, but the lid is OK from time to time.
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The neoprene sleeves don't work at all, neoprene isn't a good insulator.
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Yet another vote for Thermos Nissan. I've had this 26 oz. bottle for more than a year. I walk twenty minutes to the metro both to and from work, am regularly jousted by rude commuters, and routinely forget to hold my bag upright on my lap when riding.

I have yet to experience a spill:) And, no odd crevices that are hard to clean. I do use a bottle brush daily on the inside.
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Shawnstring - the Extreme would probably be a good fit, the lid is much simpler. The West Loop mug I got will be tea only, so no funky milk to clean out. But yes, I agree, many nooks and crannies in the lid.
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"Thermos Nissan 14-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug"is the one that I've used for years. Never leaks. Stays hot. Throw it in in your computer backpack with no worries.

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Re: cleaning Contigos - I just soak my lids every few days or so in scorching hot water and dish soap, then shake them out under some tap water. Seems to keep them clean.
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