Where to buy clothes for my wife in Barcelona?
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I'm going to Barcelona next week on a business trip, and I'd love to buy my wife some nice shirts, possibly some jewellery as well. Also some cute baby stuff for my son would be nice.

Any recommendations for something other than Zara and the major retail outlets?

In terms of what she likes, shes a fan of light blouses, nothing super tight, nothing incredibly edgy or revealing. She owns quite a few Zara tops already if that helps?

I'll be staying near the International Convention Center.

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A few years ago when I was in Barcelona, I bought a nice skirt in Dmarta (location: Carrer de Montcada 1, 08003 Barcelona). It's a small boutique featuring locally designed clothes. The skirt was reasonably priced and well made--definitely not the same old thing you'd find in a major retail outlet. I still wear it, actually.

The shop doesn't look very close to your hotel according to Google Maps--it's a 24 minute subway ride--but if you have some time to spend, the neighbourhood it's in is old and interesting and worth a look. There are some good bars and restaurants nearby too.
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On the jewelry front, I bought some really lovely jewelry from street vendors while walking through the large Gaudi park on the north part of town (G├╝ell park I think?). I'm not one to buy random trinkets while abroad, nor am I one to by things from street vendors, but there was lots of very beautiful glass jewelry offered for super cheap prices. I would buy more in an instant if I were back in Barcelona.

Even if you find jewelry elsewhere you most certainly have to check out this park regardless. Also, la sagrada familia. No excuses, go visit these two places.
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For clothing, there are other major clothing stores like Cortefiel and Adolfo Dominguez that are probably a cut above Zara. Speaking of cuts, you will be able to find all of your needs at El Corte Ingles which is a good quality department store that can be found everywhere.
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I went to Gaudi Park, and that recommendation as gold... the glass jewellery there was a big hit! Thanks to all!
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