Drawing or painting of a beagle puppy eating a businessman?
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When I was a kid in the late 80's/early 90's, my favorite booth at Hardee's had a big print of a drawing or painting of a beagle puppy eating a businessman. There were little legs sticking out of the puppy's mouth in suit pants and business-type shoes, kicking around. Can you help me find this again?

I think the name of the artist might have been on it - either printed or a big signature. All the other framed art at the Hardee's was boring flowers or landscapes like you'd find at a budget hotel. I would love to see this again and if possible, buy a copy to hang over my couch.
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Was it a Clifford the big red dog illustration?
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Response by poster: Definitely not Clifford, though the puppy was Clifford-like in proportions, compared to the man.
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