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What is a quick and cheap domain registration and mail forwarding option from mybusinessname.com.au?

I have mybusinessname.com with bookings@mybusinessname.com as my advertised email address. An advertiser "fixed" my email address to be bookings@mybusinessname.com.au. Adding the au extension that he thought was missed.

I need to buy the mybusinessname.com.au domain and setup so any mail will forward to the existing mybusinessname.com address. What's the quickest, cheapest way to do this?

I see CrazyDomains will do it for $1-$2 /month. Is there a better option? I'm not a fan of a business describing themselves as "Crazy".
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Best answer: CrazyDomains are a bit crap (see the long list of threads with "CrazyDomains" in the title at Whingepool). You'll also find there several threads discussing 'good' registrars.

Remember that, for an .com.au domain, you'll need to meet the registration requirements (i.e. ABN, domain name = registered business name / trading name / 'substantial connection', etc.)
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You just point your MX records for the two domains to the same place. Done.

As an alternative, most of the major registrars will do wildcard / catchall forwarding for free, but you might not get quite the same granularity (ie, everything will go to the same catch-all address) you desire.
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