Use the Schwartz for Halloween!
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Halloween Costume Advice - Help me BARF, Lone Starr!

I did search around and I didn't find anything here about this. There are some random things on the net but what the hell, I'll burn this weeks question on this one.

I have a costume party next Saturday the 20th. My plan was to go as the DC Comics version of Frankenstein.

THEN! Last night a friend posted on the event page saying that he hopes everyone has found their costume! I responded of course with the famous quotable "WE AINT FOUND SHIT!" And then, the most awesome costume idea was cemented in my head. John Candy's BARF from Spaceballs!

I have started to assemble the costume:

Khaki cargo pants
Khaki pocketed shirt
BARF name patch - on it's way to my house!
Blondy feathered hair wig - on it's way to my house.

I'm decently crafty.

I need to find FUR! Any suggestions for buying some fake fur cheap? Should be the blondy brown mutt looking hair like John Candy had. I'm going to hot glue fur to an old pair of shoes to make furry feet. I need the fur for a tail too. I have got to figure out something for the ears too.

Beyond the fur recommendation, I need help with the face makeup. Suggestions on that please? Remember, this will be an Adult party, so there will be drinking and I'd bet it's going to get hot. Make up that won't go everywhere if we get sweaty, and get all over me and everything else is a PLUS!

I've got to dig out my copy of Spaceballs and give it a watch this weekend, it's been a while.

Any help with all that, it would be awesome.

I have Amazon Prime and don't mind ordering things online. Locally I am in South Central PA and can hit up various craft stores.

Feel free to throw any other ideas or suggestions or anything on this too. I mean, it's not like this is a super serious question.

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Joann's Fabrics & Crafts is my go-to for fun-fur.

Also, stage makeup can take sweating - it's oil-based, essentially. It's being sold in just about every Halloween store in existence; look for "cold cream removal". "Removes with soap & water!" prob means water-soluble.

Pancake can help keep it in place - it's essentially face powder, but without a coloring agent.
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Second-hand shops may have coats made out of fun fur (or real fur, especially rabbit, if you're not averse to that) that you may be able to get for ultra-cheap, depending on the condition of them. Otherwise, most fabric shops put that kind of thing on sale for Halloween.
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2nd-ing Joann's for cheap furry fabric. I was just there last weekend, and bought 3/4 yards of "ultra cuddle" for ~$4. (Although check your local flyer for specifics, as sales change frequently.)
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Fur--If you have a fabrics by the pound store, check that out.

PA Fabric Outlet might be a place for fake fur. Or Martins Fabric and Craft Barn. Or go to Walmart and ravage a couple of fuzzy pillows from the teen bedding department.

When I played Snoopy in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, I used a matte makeup that I dabbed on with a damp sponge. Here's a site where you can buy matte stage makeup. I used black on my nose and lips. Also from the theatrical make up house.

Your costume is AWESOME!
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To make your ears: use the aforementioned FunFur from JoAnns or other craft store, and get some fairly thick craft wire. (Look in the jewelry making section for this.) Buy a plastic headband that's comfy enough for you to wear all night without a headache and then create the shape of the ears with the wire, attached to the headband. Cover this with the funfur. Voila!

Or, the ones that this girl sells on Etsy are not too terribly expensive.
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While stage makeup is awesome, it's also expensive, and is not always easy to get looking right/set right if you aren't used to it. I recommend grabbing a cheap drugstore eyeshadow kit in the appropriate colors and brushing on, blending until you get it right. Wetting a flat brush then running it through shadow is a good way to get more intense color, and make smoother lines.
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thrift stores often have lots of old stuffed animals cheap. look for one that is the right colour and has ears - empty it out and cut it up. find one that's big enough, and you may be able to use the whole head as a hood
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Have you got a sturdy tail? Don't forget enough fur to cover something like that-- craftwire, and/or some plastic tubing that'll hold its shape. And remember, it's got a mind of its own.

As for makeup, you may get away with clown makeup--is that its own thing?-- Barf's main features (IIRC) are the colored "eyepatch," the dark wet snout, and the light-colored region around his mouth.

Great costume. Some days I'm afraid to admit it, but it's one of my favorite movies; definitely the movie I've seen more than any other movie (probably >100 times). See if you can't train some of your fellow partygoers on his and Lonestar's celebratory "Gimme Paw.... Arrrooorooorooroooroorooo."

The only other accessory I can recommend is either a bucket of barf (for eating) or maybe an energy drink disguised as Liquid Schwartz. (Don't bother with a ring-- the ring is bupkis!)
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I have no idea what they're called, but there are these new furry "cat ears" that twitch and "perk up" when you move your eyebrows. (something like "mind-controlled ears" or somesuch.)

You'd have to do a bit of customizing with the fur, but they'd be awesome for Barf.

Also, don't forget a box of Milk Bones (filled with cookies or something)
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Here are the ears. (A bit spendier than I thought)
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Also, for face makeup, Ben Nye is unmatched in quality, comfort, and wearability. It goes on very lightly, yet has excellent coverage and little to no greasiness. I've used it dozens of times (including a full-body black & white makeup job!) and at this point I wouldn't use anything else.

It's available at lots of Halloween & costume shops, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. The good stuff comes in small disc-shaped compacts, about the diameter of a half-dollar.
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Why not just buy a stuffed animal and massacre it?

PS great costume.
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If you do a "store locator" search for a Joann's near you on their website, then click "more store information" they almost ALWAYS offer you a coupon. AND it's usually for 40% off a single item (a single cut of fabric counts as one item).

I never go to Joann without a coupon because they give them out so frequently. In fact, I just used one to buy my halloween fabric! ($20/yard for 40% off!).

And *awesome* costume, btw!!
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btw, I don't think you'd need more than a yard or yard and a half for the fur bits.
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Party was Saturday and the costume was a big hit! Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

If you are curious, PM me and I'll show you the costume!
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