Can you recommend any good resources (online or otherwise) for teaching yourself Bridge?
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I'd like to learn bridge - preferably online, although I'm happy to pay for a book or DVD or similar if there's a particularly good one. There seem to be LOADS of things for beginners - can anyone recommend one?

I realise that playing is the best way to learn most games, and will eventually join a bridge club (quite a few people in my extended family play, and my husband goes every week to the local club). I'd like to get the hang of the basics before venturing out into public though, and quite like the idea of working it out for myself & surprising them.
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The UK expert is Andrew Robson. You can access his resources online here and he sells a DVD.
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Oooh, lucky you, yes. The Mammoth Book of Bridge totally works for this. It begins, as it should, at the beginning. Probably the ACBL's software is decent—but since you're in the UK, you should probably learn with English materials, since bridge is subtly different between the U.S. and the rest of the world.

I learned largely by book in combination with a terrible bridge program downloaded from somewhere that at least let me learn about the array of outcomes, and then by classes at the club. You can definitely jump ahead with book learning!
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I asked this a while back as I was similarly overwhelmed with beginner options and got some good recommendations, especially the Five Weeks to Winning Bridge which I picked up used from Amazon

As to online, if you've got a hand-held device, I've found the iBridge Baron products to be a great help.

And look up your local bridge club - playing with others is the best way to learn. Have fun.
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Check out these programs: Learn to Play Bridge. Pretty great stuff.
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I really like the ACBL's programs, but they may be less suitable as you're in the UK. While you still feel uncomfortable going to your local club, you can play online with your husband on Bridge Base Online -- there's a bit less pressure than playing in real life, and you can go there to practice at odd hours. There are also bots (and I think bidding practice bots) on BBO that you can practice with, in your choice of system, but I think you have to pay.
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I asked a similar question recently and got some great answers. Also, check your memail!
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5 weeks to winning briidge by alfred sheinwold. is an easy to read and understand book, the mastery of which will make you a good bridge player.

It was so good that it was sold with a money back guarantee. My brother ripped the cover off, and sent it into the publisher for a refund. I was a senior in HS at the time, and felt so strongly that this was a n excellent book, that I sent the publisher back the $1.50

THAT'S how good a book this is.
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