Please help my old tired brain recall a beloved childhood toy.
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Nostalgia Zone - Does anyone remember a little yellow duck/duckling toy that had a cocoa or chocolate scent? It's from the early 80's and was a hard toy but it was really soft and fuzzy. PLEASE HELP because I can't sleep until I figure this out. Thanks!
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Mon chi chi
Mon chi chi
Oh so soft
And cud-dil-lee
posted by tilde at 7:49 PM on October 8, 2012

Monchichi were monkeys
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Yes, there were a bunch of scented knock offs, trying to find the link. I had a yellow "baby animal" one that either smelled like coconut or chocolate. Barrel purses were also big that year ...

Here are some yellow monchichi I found on eBay. (not my auctions)
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Monchichi! That was another toy I completely forgot about and am very happy to remember. Sadly, not related to the duck as far as I can tell.
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Fuz Ducks?
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Hm, the name is "Fuz" but they don't look at all fuzzy. Weird... The duck I remember had actual fuzz on it, very fluffy and yellow fuzz.

I'm starting to wonder if this was actually a dog toy and my parents were/are sick bastards.
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