How to recover files deleted from Mac trash and also deleted from CF card during reformat?
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Is there a way to fully recover files from emptied trash on Mac 10.8.2? Or from a formatted Sandisk Compact Flash card?

I have some very important Canon Raw files (cr2) that I need to recover. The folder was placed in trash can on Macbook Pro and deleted. The CF card was formatted and written over.

I have tried every obvious solution from google results. Nothing has worked. Sandisk Rescue Pro is not recovering any of the deleted images on the card, just the images from the most recent shoot. It seems in the past I was able to recover files that were months old. But perhaps that was when I would just delete the the images on the card, not performa a full reformat as I do now.

CardRescue and other software has recovered some of the CR2 files from deleted trash but I cannot open the files. File type cannot be recognized. Was able to recover some of the small JPEGS but not all, which I assume are the preview files.

Any suggestions at all? I am desperate for help! Any advice is appreciated!
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Best answer: I use Disk Drill for this purpose. I've upgraded to Pro and it's saved me countless times from my overzealous impulse to clear hard drive space.
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The CF card was formatted and written over.

Meaning that you've used the card to take new photos since reformatting it? You're probably out of luck. You might give PhotoRec a try, but I wouldn't expect any miracles, which is what it usually takes to get data back after you've written new data to a drive. Recovering from a full reformat is generally possible, to some extent. Recovering from writing over the deleted files with new files, not so much.
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Response by poster: Thanks HADES , I suspected as much. Yes, was on a shoot, uploaded files to Macbook. Needed more card space so I formatted card and kept shooting. Accidentally deleted the folder on Macbook before remembering the files were not still on CF card. So stupid.

Anyone have advice on the recovering the files from deleted trash? That might be my best chance...
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Have you tried DiskWarrior?
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FileJuicer and CardRaider have worked for me in the past when others have failed.

If you have another computer and some time on your hands, you could hook up the macbook pro in target disk mode. That would mount it to your desktop as an external drive, and then you could try running data recovery apps against it that way.

And if you're a member of PPA, you have access to discounted recovery service from DriveSavers. There's no charge if they can't recover anything.
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Best answer: Oh, yes, you're much more likely to be able to recover the deleted files from the macbook than from the CF card. But you don't want to run the recovery software directly on the macbook itself. That, you should shut down immediately and not use again until after you've made a recovery attempt. The more you use it, the lower your recovery chances are. If you have a spare drive at least as large as the one in your macbook, you could clone your macbook's drive to it and run recovery tools against the cloned drive, not the original. If you don't have a spare drive, get one, and start using Time Machine. Won't help you much now, but will easily pay for itself the next time this happens.
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Data Rescue has worked for me in a similar situation.
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Best answer: Thank you so much for the help!

Hooked up the MBP to the iMac in Target Disk Mode, Ran Disk Drill. Was able to recover a lot of the files. Not all, but enough to get by. Had tried at least 5 other programs, Disk Drill worked the best by far.
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