Maybe Chinatown's my best bet.
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Good place to sell a designer bag in NYC?

I bought a brand new Alexander McQueen handbag on sale. I've realized that even though I *love* it, it just takes up space and I don't use it that often. This means it's in very good shape.

So, I should sell it. But I'd like to get at decent deal for it, as it wasn't exactly cheap (cough), and it's almost new.

I'm very familiar with Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet, but it feels...weird dropping off a high-ticket item like this to either of them, as most of their wares are about cheap to mid-range in price. Perhaps I could get a better deal somewhere in which the clientele would appreciate it more?

Is there a higher end version of these stores somewhere in NYC?

(Ebay would be okay, I guess, but I see it as sort of a hassle. Same with consignment. I'd rather drop it off at a brick-&-mortar buy-and-sell and be done with it. That's the appeal of something like Beacon's or Buffalo Exchange.)
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With luck, someone will recommend a higher-end consignment shop near you, but in the meantime, what's the harm in checking with Buffalo Exchange (etc) to see how much they'd give you for it? You'll hand it to them, they'll make an offer, you'll decide if you want to take cash, store credit, or your bag back home with you. No pressure.
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Oh, yep. Done this many times with lower end items. On the way over there now,so yeah - no harm done. But I'm pretty sure they're gonna be all, "Here's 100 bucks." :-/
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Eva Gentry Consignment also known as Butter Consignment (I think), on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. I've never sold anything there, but their blog shows that they sell McQueen items.
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I'm not at all sure that Legacy NYC does consignment, but maybe they might know someone who does?
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Meh, just saw that you said "brand new" bag, not vintage. IGNORE MY USELESS COMMENT.
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What about Ina or Roundabout Resale? Both of these are in Soho. I consigned a few bags to Ina and they were sold pretty quickly. I forgot what their cut was but I felt like it was a much better deal than eBay. And much better than going to a lower-end place. Since its new, bring the receipt and any other authenticity markers to help with your consignment. You won't get money immediately but if you are comfortable with waiting then you'll have a good chance to making some decent money.
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