Eyeglasses ID / Suggestions (Metal cylindrical posts)
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I am looking for a pair of glasses / companies which produce eyewear which have two metal cylindrical posts as their style. Brands appreciated. I have so far been looking at Oliver People and Salt Optics but would like to broaden my research and options. Any history (who originated it)/name to this style would be appreciated! Cheaper alternatives will also be considered. Examples: 1, 2. Thanks!
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You might find some you like from SEE eyewear. Their styles rotate and are usually pretty on trend with designer frames.
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I don't know any details about the style, but, I am a fan of my "Fran├žois Pinton" frames (see profile pic) -- compliment-generators of precise and sturdy manufacture -- and here are some Pintons with the dual dots, at "eyegoodies.com," who were very pleasant to deal with.
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Polo, Armani, Marc Jacobs (do a search -- many MJ styles have this), Gant, Hackett, Michael Kors.
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warby parker should be right up your alley.

(disclaimer, I just got a pair of glasses for $95! yes that is the total price! from here this weekend)
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Moscot is another. They describe the style as "two dot rivets." Searching that term yields lots of Moscots but also other brands.
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I'm wearing a pair from Classic Specs that looks exactly like your first example. Even cheaper than Warby Parker, but outstanding customer service and quality. They're the "Beaumont".
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I have a pair from Zenni Optical that I love. I bought them several years ago, but check on their website using "wayfarer" as shape filter.
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This is the pair that I just got at Zenni for $19.
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Dead Men's Spex on eBay has tons of these - they were, I think, an NHS style in the 1950s. The owner is really nice and knowledgeable - he'll probably be able to tell you what the style is if you e-mail him.

I've also seen them on GlassesDirect but I don't know if you can buy from overseas.
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If I'm not mistaken the two/three posts on the hinge are usually associated with handmade quality, so if it's authenticity you're after, that's probably what you should look for.

If you want a heritage brand, you could do worse than Anglo American. Their Retro range has several frames with two or three posts on the hinge.

If you can source them, AF Optics in France produce beautifully made classic and vintage styles under the brand name Maryll as well as producing frames for other distributors. (These are a real find. I wear these, which I chose over a number of more expensive frames, and they are often mistaken for Paul Smith.)

More funky but worth a look for statement specs, are LA Eyeworks. I have an exquisite pair of sunnies from a previous collection which boast this feature. On their current website are these and these.
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