tobacco road version?
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might anyone know the version of tobacco road that dead prez samples on psychology from their first album, let's get free?

i've poked around on the internets, within the liner notes, allmusic, assorted p2p, etc. to no avail. i read something of a rare b-side version from john d. loudermilk (the song's writer), but don't really think the d.p. sample sounds like loudermilk. many thanks
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Van Halen?
posted by sourwookie at 12:55 PM on August 15, 2005

I've never heard ded prez but David Lee Roth did tobacco road on one of his solo albums
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I've never heard dead prez either, but Jerry La Croix and Edgar Winter did my personal favorite version of Tobacco Road...
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Best answer: It's Lou Rawls
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Response by poster: nylon: the lou rawls version that i found is definitely a different song, though it sounds the most similar of anything i have found. do you know about alternate/additional versions that he has done?
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Best answer: The song's on quite a few of his collections, and he did two well known versions: the original studio version in '63, on the Capitol album Tobacco Road (catalogue number T-2042) and the 'definitive live version' in '66, released on the Capitol album Live! (catalogue number T-2459, re-released on CD as C2-91207). There's a good chance that some of the cheaper compilations out there will have different live versions recorded at various times in his career - it was one of his more popular songs, so he'll have sung it live quite often. I would imagine that Dead Prez would have sampled the original studio version, but it's hard to say from the little snippet I heard.
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Response by poster: nylon: awesome--thank you. i will start digging
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It's kinda unlikely, but don't forget the excellent version on this album.
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