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RSS to email using Gmail (and w/out much tech knowledge) - is this possible?

I'd like to have an email sent to Gmail (pref. as a weekly digest) when two blogs that I follow update.

I've read the previous AskMes in which rss2email, PopHeadlines et al are recommended, but I'm not using Outlook, don't want to host any element of this on my own, and require a solution that's not far above the "banging two rocks together" level of simplicity.

Any suggestions, hivemind?
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Best answer: IFTTT should make this easy.
posted by backwards guitar at 6:00 PM on October 7, 2012 [1 favorite]

Response by poster: Perfect, backwards guitar - much appreciated.
posted by ryanshepard at 6:22 PM on October 7, 2012

Google reader?
posted by hal at 8:15 PM on October 7, 2012

If you are using Thunderbird you can subscribe to the RSS directly from Thunderbird.
posted by COD at 5:27 AM on October 8, 2012

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