A week in five minutes via GoPro
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Go Pro? How to record a video of a week in life...

I'm taking part in a Unique Experience at the moment and had the idea to record it for a week, speed it up, and put a week in the life into 5 minutes.

Kind of like the guy who drove across America in five minutes

My initial idea is to acquire a Go Pro and use the interval photo feature to shoot a photo every 30 seconds. Do that from 6A – 11P every day. Put it into Final Cut and add a soundtrack.

Will a Go Pro's battery last for stills all day? If I switch to video, will Go Pro easily integrate into Final Cut?

Will people respond negatively? Especially as I won't be collecting releases? (the purpose is non-commercial).

Has anyone done this before and are there any tips?
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I would probably take shots at 10 second intervals. That runs you to about 6000 photos a day. This is no problem for a 32gb card. You'll also want to take the shots on the lowest res you can, I think it's 5mp on the GoPro. Remember 1080p resolution is only 2mp.

The GoPro battery lasts about 4 hours when I do time lapse shots set at 10 seconds. In order to make it for an entire day you'll need a battery pack or two. I use one of these battery packs when I'm not able to use AC power. You might need two and switch them back and forth while one is charging up again.

You'll also need to get a skeleton housing for it so you can plug the cord in and still mount the camera on something.
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There's a new wearable camera called the Autographer which is designed to do exactly that. Pricey, though.
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That link for the Autographer doesn't show much info for me. Here's info from Engadget, and ZDNet has a bit more, including prices ("OMG says it will be available online in the UK November at £399, and the US price is $650").
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