Good Movers in the Northern VA area?
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Can anyone recommend a good mover in the DC/NoVA area?

I'll be moving to a new apartment in two weeks from Alexandria to Arlington- about three miles, if that. I'll have packed all the boxes myself, so basically I just need to find a reputable place that can spare two guys and a truck for three hours or so to load the boxes and my furniture into a truck and bring it up to the new apartment.

I saw a recommendation in this thread for a near-DC company but couldn't find any other information. Any advice from local District residents much appreciated, and no, "just rent a truck and do it yourself" is not considered useful advice in this particular situation.
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The people at Moving Scam are pretty dedicated to rooting out bad/criminal movers. You might find some recommendations on their forums. Whatever mover you end up with, I'd at least do a search on their forums for horror stories. They also give good tips for identifying bad movers.

(Although they also recommend renting a truck and doing it yourself. ;)
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I was very happy with JK Moving and Storage when I used them for a move from DC to Ohio several years ago; they were recommended to me by a friend, and do moves within the area as well as moves into or out of the MD-DC-VA area. They might be overkill for you, but they were competitively-priced, nice and hassle-free, so it can't hurt to look.
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My personal experience is limited to a 5 mile move some 15 years ago with Beltway Movers, but they seemed fine then. A lot can over that time, but I still see their trucks around quite a bit. And that surely must mean something.
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I will second J&K. They were recommended by a friend when my brother passed away suddenly. They handled a two-part move (half the stuff had to be sent to me in NY, the other half to Dad and younger brother in FL) with no problems.
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I can heartily recommed Big Green Movers. After getting all sorts of estimates from some very skeevy people, I asked around and it turned out that half the people I know had used them and were very happy. They moved me to NY without a glitch and I have a lot of crap. They weren't the cheapest, but they were pros.
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FWIW, in a completely unrelated email forwarded from a friend today there was this rec: "If you ever need movers in the DC metro area, I had a great experience with Beltway movers."
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