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is there a sophisticated word for altering your partner's appearance?

To be more specific making someone appear more feminine or masculine by changing their hair or clothes. Maybe a french word?
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You are "grooming" them. The word takes on dual meaning here, on one hand referring to actual physical grooming and tending, and on the other hand referring to guiding or preparing them, wrt gender, as you would an apprentice or intern.
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I agree it is grooming. Although I am not doing it to anybody, thank you, hermitosis. There is a french word "en femme" to describe being in drag. Feminize or masculinize seems right too. There's also a word virilize but that implies through hormones. It seems like there would be an opposite for sissification but the only thing I can find is masculinization.

The only thing I can find in french is masculiniser.
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bz, i don't get it. Please explain.

I invented noitacifissis. If anyone cares.
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My abomination of the word muliebrity.
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en homme? maybe?
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