Where can I buy a simple but high quality small silver locket?
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Where can I buy a simple but high quality small silver locket?

I live near London and am looking to get my wife a nice silver locket. I'm wanting one that is relatively small and elegant. I've tried looking in local jewelers and online but the only ones I've been able to find are either over elaborate or really cheap and nasty.

I just one that is simple in style but is high quality and not huge. I thought this would be relatively simple to find, but am having real problems. I'm happy to pay for a decent one, but just can't find what I'm looking for.

Does anyone happen to know of anywhere online I could look or jewelers in the London/Essex area that would be a good bet?
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When you say simple, high quality jewelry, I think Tiffany & Co. You can shop online, or they have stores in London.
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Try looking at vintage/antique jewelery.
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I second Tiffany, and here's their selection. And I vote for this one, perhaps engraved with her initials, with meaningful photos e.g. of you two, inside.
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Oh, and on the much less expensive front, how about this locket? I like Bling quite a bit myself.
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If you are willing to order from a non-UK source, I'd recommend James Avery. There silver jewelry is very popular in Texas, but no stores where you are (which means it's likely your wife's locket will be very different from anyone else's that she knows!). The silver is nickel-free, and they are known to do repairs for free on any of their jewelry (even if you bought it 30 years ago or more). They have three lockets. The swivel locket looks interesting! Note on their shipping page that they ask for you to call a toll-free number for international orders.
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Blue Nile has very similar items to Tiffany but at a much lower cost. I have been very happy with the look and quality of several pieces I've purchased from them. The customer service is great, too.
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Thanks for the great replies - they are all really helpful. The Tiffany's one says size medium but I can't find what that actually means. I've looked on etsy before but most of the lockets on there are overly intricate when all I want is something simple - I'll have another look though. I'll check out the other sites listed as well. Thanks a lot for all the help - I appreciate it.
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