Help me remember the title of this pulpy novel about a military nurse named Honor?
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Help me remember the title of this genre novel about a military nurse named Honor?

So I read this book around 8 years ago, it was some novel that was sort of like a romance but it didn't really have any sex. I think the title was something like "Last Stand of Honor" and it was about a nurse named Honor in some kind of British military context, I'm almost positive some colonial war, and the bad guy was a Depraved Bisexual solider, and the love interest was a soldier as well. I may be mis-remembering some of these details.

(I don't remember the plot or anything, just mostly being upset by the depraved bisexual bit, since it was handled in such a gratuitous way...the villain's bisexuality is only mentioned once, near the end of the book, and is basically just presented as more evidence of his terrible villainy. I want to add the book as an example to the TV Tropes page but I can hardly do that if I don't know the title!)

Can anyone help me remember what book this was?
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Best answer: Collen McCullough's Indecent Obsession. Wiki link here.
Lead character is Honour Langtry and it is a military hospital.
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