Sci-fi books with nanochips from the 80s/90s
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[book-filter] Need help tracking down a sci-fi novel(s) read in the late 80's or 90's containing special abilities provided by nanochips.

Asking for a friend!
There were a series of 2 or 3 (more?) by the same author.

Possible plot points: injecting nanochips into people to give them special abilities; on the run using tiny supercomputers that needed to be connected to a tap of running water to keep them cool (there may have been biological based computers as well?); main character wearing a thermally sealed suit so that he could bypass infrared security systems but it had a limited life as the heat absorption built up and would eventually have to vent steam out the back; in the last book i read there was a spaceship to Jupiter to communicate with gaseous lifeforms floating in the atmosphere there.

Hope that's enough clues to start the hunt...
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Haven't read the series but Peter F. Hamilton's Greg Mandel trilogy is nanotech SciFi whose 3rd book involves the main characters converging "on an asteroid including a dangerous extraterrestrial from Jupiter’s rings."
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