Best crash course for general office software?
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After a year off after graduating from art school, my friend needs to find a job and is contemplating a temp agency to look for general office work. I know that agencies typically run prospective hires through computer based proficiency evaluators, and we're wondering the best/quickest way to polish up these skills before hand.

She knows her way around Word and Excel 2007 (casual use, not power user stuff), but has been using OpenOffice/LibreOffice for the last few years and is completely unfamiliar with Office 2010.

So, my questions:

1. What's the best online tutorial for Office that's focused on basic proficiency, not necessarily mastery? Bonus points for free (or cheap).
2. Is it worth the time to train with both 2007 and 2010, or would someone that's used to the 2007 interface be able to translate their 2010 training backwards?
3. Aside from Word, Excel, and general typing and 10-key, are there any other computer skills that temp agencies typically test for an entry level office job? My friend uses web-based Outlook for email, and hasn't used a business-style email program in several years.

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Microsoft offers nice, high-quality tutorials for their products for free.

Here's the page for Word:

I have used these to train in a professional environment, and they work well. Do not train on Office 2007. Learn 2010. The next version of Office is in preview, so 2007 is really two versions behind. The differences between 2007 and 2010 aren't that large at the basic level (it's essentially just the File tab).

Look at the Outlook tutorials as well. Knowing how to set up appointments in Outlook in addition to email will be helpful. If she wants to learn another program, her next choice should be PowerPoint.
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