Staging an MMA fight is illegal in NYC; so how can I see one?
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It's currently illegal for promoters to put on an MMA (i.e. 'mixed martial arts,' or 'ultimate fighting') bout in NYC. I'm sure these matches go on nonetheless, even if it's just skilled fighters fighting before spectators, gratis. Anyone know where/how I can see a fight? Or what types of places host fights (I imagine boxing gyms?) in other cities?
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I don't know specifics, but I believe lots of people simply go to New Jersey to do MMA. It's perfectly legal there.
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A friend is somehow involved in this in Baltimore. May or may not be too far for you.
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Oh man, I know a bar bouncer that fights in these types of events in Brooklyn. I have no way of reaching him right now but I can confirm there is an "underground" fight scene in NYC.
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Unfortunately, I don't have a car so Jersey and Baltimore are out. I'm also interested in NYC particularly. Ad hominem, thanks for the affirmation at least.
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Well, as you may or may not be aware, it IS totally legal to TRAIN in MMA in New York. You just can't actually stage a fight. So there are several MMA gyms in the city. I doubt you could just roll up to one and say "hey where are your secret fights, PS I'm totally not a cop", but if you were willing to invest a little money into this, I'd suggest you take a trial month of classes at an MMA gym and get friendly with the instructors and higher-level students. They will probably tell you things if they trust you. I could have asked my muay thai teacher about this back when I was taking classes, and he would probably have told me.
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