Blindfold Before Leviathan?
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Does Siri Hustvedt's The Blindfold take place before or after Paul Auster's Leviathan?

I've embarked on a project of reading all of Paul Auster's novels in chronological order over the next year. I'm midway through The Music of Chance. When I undertook this endeavor I learned that his wife's novel The Blindfold features a character who also appears in Leviathan. I'd like to read the books in the sequence of what happens in them (as opposed to the publication dates). Which story precedes the other?
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Best answer: I haven't read either novel but this page seems to suggest that The Blindfold comes first. If you want to read for yourself, it's in the paragraph that begins with "In Auster's book Leviathan, one of his characters is"... (I don't know if it's a big spoiler or anything).
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